Clarification on Kessel/Gregoire Signing Deadlines

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Just to clarify an error on this, the deadlines for Blake Kessel/Jason Gregoire to be signed are thirty days after they submitted letters intending to turn professional.

There are no compensatory draft selections awarded to the Islanders because they are not first round selections.

This is the rule under which Blake Wheeler left Phoenix and the loophole both players opted out under here.

Under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, any player who does not remain a college player through the graduation of his applicable class, must submit a letter stating his intention to turn professional. Upon submission of that letter, the drafting club shall have 30 days to sign the player. If the player and team cannot reach an agreement within that 30 day period, the player becomes a free agent. Wheeler submitted his letter of intention to turn professional on May 8. & several outlets in 2008 reported Wheeler's date of UFA was 6/8/2008.

This means both Gregoire and Kessel have different signing deadlines that are not exactly clear (but cannot be 6/1/2011 unless they filed 5/1/2011) because there is nothing out there definitive from professional media on what date they actually submitted a letter.

News of Jason Gregoire's departure broke on 5/18 which by that date would mean on June 17th, he must be signed.

Blake Kessel news was from 5/24 so if he filed at that time or a few days earlier his deadline would be around 6/23 or a day or two earlier.

Until we know the specific filing dates, it's unclear what date they submitted letters to start any thirty day period. NYIFC earlier comments of a 7/1 deadline would not be correct in any instance.

Casey Cizikas deadline is 5/31, he will play for the Memorial Cup Championship on Sunday.

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