Economics 101 for Coliseum Plan? Just Review Lighthouse Documents

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2011 08:59:00 PM | | | |

Charles Wang/Scott Rechler spent close to twenty million dollar putting together the Lighthouse studies with the DGEIS, while attending two hundred meetings.

Wang, Ed Mangano (with others), can sort out the economic details, the politicians with NIFA can do their bipartisan dances.

What cannot be disputed was the past DGEIS documents the Lighthouse Group presented on the Islanders, Coliseum, tax and revenue impact on the community. The Lighthouse site itself may be gone, however the past economics still resonate today.

Wang and Rechler had a full economic summary of what other events at the Coliseum generated beyond hockey, along with the community.

Economic Details of all past revenue generated by teams (included former NY Dragons) in section 3.9 along with Total Revenue page 2/part 8 of the Lighthouse DGEIS.

Nassau and the local business community cannot not forfeit those taxes or revenue streams.

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