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First off, the good news is Steve Stirling was visited by the Binghamton Senators with the AHL Calder Cup, and all reports to date are he is in stable condition.

The Islanders website/twitter/facebook lack of acknowledgment of support to a man who was here in the 90's when our prospects were bouncing from Lowell, to Springfield is nothing short of disgraceful.

Steve Stirling deserves a ton of support from his only NHL employer and inaugural Bridgeport coach, who took them to the Calder Cup finals.

First class individual.
Done calling out the fans to purchase tickets. This blog reviewed the history of the lack of fan support since 1989. Two entries were done, if the team leaves someday (sooner or later) feel free to go back and read them. This blog tried.
Do I care about all these legal challenges to an 8/1 vote via Cablevision's local paper? (never anything positive on Coliseum referendum)

Not at this time, which was also in LIBN.

Goes without writing Cablevision's paper is the ONLY publication in New York not blasting James Dolan for his latest sports disgrace in Donnie Walsh's resignation/dismissal/whatever spin they wish to apply. Nothing like being scared to death of the boss. This is the same Alan Hahn who used to unload on Wang?

Was funny to read former Newsday employee Johnette Howard unload on Dolan.
So that's one New York Islander program on Msg (never live game/anything else) and a thousand or so for the teams they own? Bigger miracle was producing Arbour, Torrey, Westfall, Nystrom, Gillies, Potvin at the Nassau Coliseum doing interviews.

It was incredibly well done, they could produce a thousand such shows for our team but why do that when it would hurt Msg? Next time leave Dolan's used-car salesman Al Trautwig home and let baseball Howie go on assignment from baseball as he does during hockey season.

Speaking of which hopefully this is the summer Howie Rose's hockey career here comes to an end. Billy Jaffe came from Atlanta, time to find someone who particularly cares.

Yes, even if the Dolan's have to pay Howie to go away and make up for the money they saved bouncing Jaffe for Goring. (who was already under contract)
Fox Business Dog and Pony Act on television regarding Coliseum? Worthless. Cannot get Picker's name right and cut off another interview before David Denenberg could answer. Wang was smartest of all to avoid this foolishness.

When Mangano, Wang release full economic details/Murray does her clown act zoning from TOH, then we will know, but revenue sharing means just that, it's not profit sharing.

Not one word pushing the plan from Murray since she left Coliseum that day, usual horrible job.
No research done on draft, I will add profiles to who the Islanders select when the draft happens in two weeks. Will be satisfied with whoever they select as long as they don't go miles off board.

Always best player available.
New York Islanders already had the better Drury here in Ted. This is why I have made point here long and loud about front-loaded contracts. Chris Drury got the bulk of his cash already, that's why players want cash up front to avoid losing money later in buyouts.

It's why they sign with corporate teams that can write off the red ink.

Cablevision is nearing it's pre-lockout level of 80m between contracts hidden in the AHL or buyouts. That means they are again losing 25-40m or perhaps more because of very high expenses.
Mike Milbury was right in saying the Chara trade brought the franchise instant credibility and they needed Yashin's production. It's the last time the seats were filled with any regularity.

He's also so painfully arrogant and annoying it's a tough choice between Boston or the equally arrogant Vancouver media as to who I prefer lose this series?
I do not see major changes coming and would be shocked if Garth Snow traded Josh Bailey at this age. Jeff Carter (if he were the return) is no lock to solve any problems and ties up the club with another ten year contract.

Says a lot Philadelphia gave Carter a NTC only after the early years, he can be moved anywhere right now. Nothing like having Tim Panaccio selling every move for his boss, Ed Snider/Comcast via CSN.

Jeff Carter is also a massive front-loaded contract via corporate Comcast.
So the Times, Post had financial resources to send writers to Boston for the finals and even the Daily News had money for a little coverage? Guess that means Peter Botte or a full time reporter/blogger for the Islanders and Devils will be hired for next season?
I like Konopka, Gillies, Haley (and Matt Martin) but it's about producing as a fourth line better than the other fourth lines. If one or all of them are back or not, no big deal. (besides young Martin) A fourth line center (Konopka) cannot be a minus fourteen after a minus eleven in Tampa.

Funny man with the media, I'm not in the locker-room but he's likely well-regarded by the players but it comes down to the best player for the spot. It may be Konopka, it could be Ullstrom, Cizikas, or someone else.
Rick DiPietro is not even scheduled to make any appearances or is even advertised on the teams website, is he paid now to be hidden?
Anyone else think Bill Guerin picked up a phone after Doug Weight's press conference and asked the Penguins for a job? It's a move Pittsburgh should have made last fall. Perhaps they did?
Silly season for Islander fans and limited media start soon. This is time where they ignore all players under contract for next season (or contract limits) and start writing about players coming without looking at a depth chart like it's some kind of video game.

NYIFC is not allergic to trades or adding players but please stop adding left wings to Moulson, Grabner, Comeau, Martin or centers to Tavares, Bailey, Nielsen or right wings to Okposo, Parenteau, Hunter, Niederreiter before you subtract someone first.

You want a defender sounds great. Streit, MacDonald, Hamonic, Jurcina, Mottau, Eaton are all signed with Hillen, Gervais, Wishart, Katic, DeHaan and other beyond that.

And Martinek is an UFA.

There are six goaltenders now here under contract between New York and Bridgeport.

Same as every year, you want to add, you have to subtract.
Another flat out priceless winner of a column from Kerry Fraser on Islanders general manager, Garth Snow during his final playing season
The people making claims on Kessel-Gregiore being UFA on 6/1 are wrong, which includes Michael Fornabaio. It's thirty days via Blake Wheeler rule from letter to being able to sign elsewhere unless they submitted letter declaring intentions to turn professional on 5/1.

That's why you will not see any report of them signing anywhere besides the New York Islanders until thirty days pass.

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