New York 09-10 vs 10-11 Breaking Down Numbers

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Nothing ground-breaking here, just a look back at the regular season, trying to find some common demonator, as to why the 2009-10 team improved by eighteen points, and the 2010-11 team fell into a season ending free fall so early.

Sure the man games lost were dramatically different.

New York finished 27th/30, despite recording 47 points, in their final 47 games, with over 600 man games lost to injury.

Despite Streit's absence for 82 games, the goals allowed were exactly the same from the previous year, even with tons of prospects on defense or rookie signings.

Without Okopso, until January and will little production from him and Josh Bailey, with all these injuries, the team still scored seven more goals than 2009-10.

2010-11 5 ON 5 GOALS FOR/AGAINST RATIO 27th-0.81
2009-10 5 ON 5 GOALS FOR/AGAINST RATIO 26th-0.83

2010-11 SHOTS ALLOWED PER GAME 24th-32.0
2009-10 SHOTS AllOWED PER GAME 26th-31.9

2010-11 GOALS ALLOWED PER GAME 27th-3.15
2009-10 GOALS ALLOWED PER GAME 26th-3.15

2010-11 PP PCT 17th-17.2
2009-10 PP PCT 27th-16.0

2010-11 +/- Plus ten at home/minus 43 on road.
2009-10 +/- Plus ten at home/minus 32 on road.

2010-11 Penalty kill time 25th-511.54
2009-10 Penalty kill time 9th-473.43

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