New York Trades A Fourth Round Pick For UFA Christian Ehrhoff

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Islanders website: Report the New York Islanders have acquired the rights to defenseman Christian Ehrhoff from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for the Islanders fourth round selection in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Several outlets: Report the obvious that Ehrhoff is a pending UFA, and this trade could be simply for exclusive negotiating rights until Friday, when he will be eligible to be signed by any other club.

Career statistics for Ehroff.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously Garth Snow feels he needs a durable veteran who can produce some goals, but this is a boom or bust move with a very limited negotiating window. He could be traded again tomorrow if it's obvious Snow cannot work a contract.

Snow wants this player, he's going to have to offer over thirty million, he likely wants a big part of that front-loaded. His agent, Rick Curran, will not be giving any discounts.

Edit-Originally wrote former Islander Brian Curran.

The name Dan Hamuis for Atlantic teams a year ago was a bust.

Many will recall Hamuis was traded to Philadelphia last June 20th from Nashville. When the Flyers could not come to terms with him, he was traded a second time to Pittsburgh on June 26th for a third round pick.

Hamuis eventually signed in Vancouver after July 1st, the Islanders were reportedly another team in the mix after July 1st.

Ehrhoff: had a shoulder injury in the Western Conference Finals. Dave Lozo does a good job putting out the economics here for Vancouver, along with what he would bring to New York if signed. Brian Compton released an interview with Josh Bailey, Tuesday night, where the Ryan Strome pick was discussed, along with several topics.
So Katie Strang actually wrote something about front-loaded contracts? The kind twenty other clubs have not been giving out for the same reasons the Islanders have not. Sure it will be turned into a New York Islander-only issue, it's Cablevision's newspaper so that's how it's presented.

NYIFC has been writing about this problem since 2006, of course Cablevision's beatwriter may have still been in high school when Jason Blake, Ryan Smyth were getting front loaded contracts with many UFA from her employers team to say nothing of the massive front-loading around the league, which goes back to the Drury, Gomez, Briere contracts.

Here was one of the last NYIFC Blog Entries on Front-Loading from almost a year ago to the day.

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