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Steve Stirling: released a statement thanking the fans in his recovery.

NYIFC will be covering the draft Friday-Saturday with frequent updates.

As written recently, NYIFC knowledge of this draft class is lacking, to speculate on the right player would be insulting to our readers.

NYIFC draft section, has been up for a good part of the month, with background information.

NYIFC Prospect blog, will add profiles for all the new prospects, shortly after the NHL draft.

In terms of the teams draft picks, you select the best player available on your draft board, regardless of position. This organization's unsigned prospect depth took a hit with some signings/non-signings/graduations, it needs to be replenished.

You can never have enough depth. End of cliche statements.
Folks e-mailing about the cap not working? Disagree.

Of course, it needs some changes at the end of the CBA.

Bottom line, as high as spending is going, for twenty teams with no business going above forty million, without it corporate teams would have payrolls over a hundred million dollars, without being forced into unloading players.

Corporate teams do not care about bleeding red ink, the sports division is a small loss on the company books. The NHL cannot be about what corporation can afford the biggest loss for someone's ego/trophy purchase.

All you hear and read is revenue, that's not profit. If teams are spending 150m to generate 100m, the revenue number sounds great in print media, the team is still losing fifty million.

That's why Chicago lost money winning the Stanley Cup, it's why Ted Lenosis receives revenue sharing.

Ed Snider runs Philadelphia with all due respect to Paul Holmgren, the same man who authorized massive front-loaded deals over ten years for Richards/Carter, traded both to sign another massive front-loaded deal in Ilya Bryzgalov.

Patroit-News: Even has quotes Snider felt Bryzgalov had to be signed, with the writer putting the moves on the owner, not the general manager.

As short-sighted as his impulse decisions were to give out those contracts in the first place, without a hard cap, Comcast takes the hit, both are likely still Philadelphia Flyers.

Snider will be spending 7/1 on his flavor of the summer, at least there is a limit on contracts.

Now Columbus can add to it's 25m loss, the Kings have never been a profitable team back to the last lockout. Will those players reach their NTC clauses before being on the market again?

Next CBA has to drop the ceiling/floor, the massive front-loading, along with hiding bad contract decisions in the AHL.
Was there some reason had to outright eliminate the Thrashers website?
Schedule is out folks, no hiding from tickets you have to purchase for all those early season weeknight games. This league is not going to tolerate four digit crowds anywhere much longer.

I also do not think it's unfair to speculate the Islanders were told other teams want to limit October weeknight games for a change.

How about a four out of seven to open the season vs New Jersey? Isles had a huge month of Devils long ago (five games?) but never three in a row?
Social Networking Days at 34th St, 9th avenue in Manhattan is not neutral territory, it's New York Islander County.
Only blog header re design's NYIFC is accepting in terms of uniform are the 1980 road jersey's with the Lake Placid patch. US greatest NHL dynasty, US greatest Olympic Hockey moment.
Status Quo out of Cablevision/Newsday on the Coliseum. No shock the coverage has been entirely negative. The silence from those who need the Dolan's to retain a living, speaks for itself.
This is the same Democrat, Kevan Abrahams who ripped the new Coliseum agreement yesterday, taking about property values/jobs in 2009.

With that kind of selective amnesia, he could blog about the Islanders.

All bipartisan, nothing to do with anything else.
The new section is up at NYIFC for the 8.1.11 vote.
Both Gregoire/Kessel past thirty day window.

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1. NHL Draft
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3. Free agency.

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