New York Day One Free Agency Summary:

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Isladers website: Has Marty Reasoner's comments on coming to New York along with, General Manager, Garth Snow.

Video Highlights: of Reasoner's goals.

Updated Saturday AM:
Rochester Demorat & Chronicle: has an in-depth interview with Reasoner, about how UFA went for him in the past, and why he signed with New York, for 2.7m/two years.

NYIFC Comments:
I'm thrilled Snow stayed out of that mix today.

Reasoner received a bit much in terms of salary, but given today's ridiculous/absurd contracts being give out, it was one of the better signings out there.

Reasoner has the ability to produce double-digit goals, kill penalties, and win faceoffs on the fourth line. Zenon Konopka had two goals, was a minus fourteen and had a ton of fighting mileage on him.

He looked hurt from it at the end of last season.

I have no idea what Konopka is like in the room, what take management had on his outspoken comments. In general fans (this blog included) love it/media like reporting it, but team management's like their players guarded with non controversial statements.

Reasoner will not be controversial, is healthy in terms of games played and most importantly, has far greater potential to produce some goals and points. He is above acceptable in the faceoff/pk department. Your fourth line cannot be a minus. The fight by appointment is one thing, the final score the other.

The Islanders did Konopka few favors with a rookie in Martin, or Gilles as his wingers, but Tampa moved on from him also. Pittsburgh paper asked if the Pens should sign him, so it's possible he will be putting Mario's picture back up.

Will be fun watching the same Pens media that ripped him, now defend him, but they have that act down pat with Matt Cooke.

Only thing more biased was Leaf media giving Brian Burke a pass for going to Afghanistan. If Snow went there, the same media would be all over him and Wang.

They would be all over the other twenty eight teams as well.

How come no one calls out Richard Peddie? Bad for business in those media outlets.
Kabanov was a little surprising, however he must stay in juniors unless he plays in the NHL, there is no Bridgeport option.
Today's disappointment was Joensuu going to HV-71. Out of that trio group of forwards, Figren/Joensuu are gone, Marcinko signed, but unless he is in the NHL, he will play in Europe.

Would have been a good day to revisit Gregiore as others were getting paid.
What Should Snow Do Next:
If Snow wants to move Eaton, Mottau or Jurcina to bring in a lateral signing like McCabe, what's really gained? Same on Kaberle? I would rather see the players here now receive those spots. Martinek is a far better defensive defender than most of those player left available.

You have players out there getting massive front-loaded contracts/salary, who had less/even production than Blake Comeau, P.A Parenteau, who's agents must be celebrating tonight.

I completely understand folks who saw Buffalo lose it's stars (to Philadelphia) get a chuckle out of the tables being turned, however those are brutal signings, even for an owner in his honey-moon spending period.

Today was a day that's going to force another lockout unless the plan is thirty multi-billionaires in a contest to see who can lose the most money a year?

Many of those teams over spending to fill out a roster, seem to have no plan, beyond scuffling the chips, did anyone really improve? I liked Mike Rupp, but at that price/term Cablevision can have him.

Anaheim signed and traded the Islanders, James Wisniewski so Andy Sutton could get huge money/term to get hurt and become a forward? Then they dumped him today while, Wisniewski got what was a desperation overpayment from Columbus.

I like Wisniewski, but not even close to that price. Did Anaheim or Edmonton have any plan at all today?

How's the new season ticket commitments looking Winnipeg?

Guess those riots really rallied the free agents on re-signing with Vancouver?

Do the Flyers have a plan, beyond raiding the Pens, who just crossed the Islanders off their new main rival list?

Ed Snider is just bad for hockey, his impatience only hurts his team. Only thing worse was the salesman protecting the Leafs/Brian Burke for being in Afghanistan which is a worthy cause, but if it were Snow, Wang would be getting roasted alive for not being with his team.

A few Tsn salesman were heaping massive praise on the owners who spend, and are committed to their teams/fans.

Sounds nice, reads well, but those kind of deals were bad for the teams, the fans, who will see their ticket prices increases, and gain virtually nothing but unrealistic exceptions. They are not superstar talents.

Michael Peca, did a nice job praising Peter Laviolette for how he handled things here.

The dancing backup goalies, what they were getting paid to sign elsewhere was ridiculous. Nabokov is a flat-out steal if he was tolled (which we never got official confirmation) at 500k.

What was Colorado thinking?

Why doesn't Toronto want to solve it's Flyer-like goaltending issues and bring in Vokoun? Dale Tallon went off the reservation today, signing popular former names to over-priced contracts is one thing, but they are not improved. That kind of term for Bergenheim makes this blog happy for him, but that's another terrible overpayment.

Roman Hamrlik must have nine lives to receive a two year contract from Washington.

Out long national Sheldon Souray nightmare ended.
Philadelphia's long Jaromir Jagr nightmare began.

I guess the Ranger media fans can once again bash him like they did when he was a cap when they are not covering baseball.

The NHL let Don Maloney spend a lot of money for a franchise that posted a 13m loss above what Glendale gives the league.

Did Al Traugwig fax Mike Rupp that statement to read on

People do understand Brad Richards is a twenty goal/seventy point player... right?

Alexei Yashin had seventy five points his first season here.

We can only hope Dolan does all he can to land him, then again, if Dolan did the talking he will sign elsewhere for sure.

Where's Isiah Thomas when you need him?
Sometimes the best move is the one you do not make, the winners today were the teams that mostly kept quiet.

I liked the deal Tyler Kennedy re-signed in Pittsburgh as the best decision of the day.

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