8/15: New York Notables: NHL/Coliseum RFP Folly

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/15/2011 09:58:00 PM | | |

USA Today: Has the following from NHL deputy comissioner, Bill Daly, that the NHL is looking into the Islanders viewing party for Friday.

We do not approve of the use, based on what we know.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is the deputy commissioner for real with this non-sense? If the league does not approve of the use they should have contacted Msg Network, who are re-airing the game on a schedule released back on May 20th long ago.

For the August 3rd viewing party, the game was not shown on television, it was selected by a fan vote off the ten greatest games DVD.

If the NHL is that upset about showing violet content on television, why are they not looking into Msg airing it's second in a series of fights and brawls on August 30th this summer?

Funny how the Pens local newspaper writers are interviewing the general manager, and dragging this into the spotlight, while Dolan-owned/Newsday has not had one word on the subject from it's paid Islander beatwriter?
As for the other folly, Nassau has received eight preliminary proposals and several inquiries about developing the Coliseum, not a single proposal would privately finance a new Coliseum.

One response offered a revenue-sharing model, several revisit leveraging the surrounding areas as a means to finance a new arena, others seek to develop without an arena.

NYIFC Comments:
In short, no one outside of the Islanders seems to grasp the notion that after two decades, time is up and construction must begin by next summer to be completed in thirty months.

For those curious on history here is an outline of the Coliseum RFP proposals from December 2005, that the August 2005 RFP brought forward.

All of them had the requirement to include a renovated or new Nassau Coliseum.