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Blake Comeau signing for over two million is a nice raise, but far below market value for players with back to back twenty goal seasons.
Our plan for a top four defender?
Let Calvin deHaan play here and win the Calder next season, making a run at the Norris.

Absolutely want to see Mark Katic's skating get a full look here.
With prospect camp opening September 9th, that is likely the time the club has to complete a new contract with Josh Bailey, with Charles Wang's rule looming on players not signed by opening of camp.

The owner/gm do not need another headache, but it's complicated. Bailey saw what Okposo received, his agent will want the same, perhaps not back-loaded?

When Garth Snow is quoted in a professional newspaper as saying he made an offer to Alexei Yashin, there is something to discuss here, not before.

Mark Gandler comes off like a used-car salesman every year, Yashin deserves better from his agent.
* If there is a crush of teams competing for Blake Kessel's services, I guess we missed it?

* Graduated prospects Brian Day/Shane Sims, both have 8/15 deadlines to sign professional contracts with the Islanders or they are available to any team.

* Getting late for Jack Hillen as well.
* Nothing about Dustin Kohn/Mark Wotton.
Because again we are being asked. Regarding NYIFC in 2011-12, all that can be guaranteed is the domain is paid until October, the arena circumstances have never played any part of NYIFC future, it never will.

Beyond that nothing will be written on this subject moving forward until it's decided to renew the domain for another year. If not, NYIFC will simply disappear.

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