NY Viewing Party Gives Lazy Media A Chance To Cheapshot

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/14/2011 11:37:00 PM | | | |

This is a topic NYIFC usually does not lower our high standard to elevate.

Apparently Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, plus a few fringe outlets (nbc) who need page-views without spending money, do not understand the New York Islanders have several viewing parties, some built on those rare moments Msg shows games during the summer months, others where they bring video themselves.

Dejan Kovacevic of the Tribune Review also has a few twitter digs, to go with an obvious lack of general knowledge on the Islanders over the last decade.

The most recent Islander fan gathering was August 3rd where folks attending got to select the game at the event based on greatest games DVD.

But why expect newspaper people to report facts?

Why doesn't Mr Anderson or Mr Kovacevic ask their editors to spend some money (Post-Gazette is pay site) and go interview players? The Post-Gazette has a pay-wall/so give the customers some quality features?

However why do that or report the facts, when it's easy to play it lazy/cheap and make something out of nothing? New York scored nine goals, they could just as easily have had fifteen goals if Penguin players were not slamming Grabner and Okposo into their crease with breakaways?

Maybe the Islanders should have gotten some old video clips of the Pittsburgh Steelers Referendum failing, or wonder why so many Islander fans wholeheartedly supported the Penguins remaining in Pittsburgh not very long ago?

The New York Islanders had to endure Lemieux's ownership when he gave away Kovalev to the Rangers, so a team playing in front of 10,000 fans did not go bankrupt? Our team had to endure Jagr being let go by the Pens because of ownership not paying it's bills on the verge of relocation several times?

Mario Lemieux should be thanking Charles Wang for being a great NHL partner.

Lemieux knows better than anyone how much a team with a building under Smg management losses. Wang was not owed money which is how Lemieux became part creditor/owner in the first place.