Pens Media Defeats Msg/Isles Lack of Print Media

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/18/2011 12:26:00 PM |

Perhaps at the next fan gathering the Islanders can have a Crush For The Cup promotion with receipts going to the Make A Wish Foundation here as we saw sponsored by a local radio station, not affiliated with the Vancouver Canucks in April 2011.

The NHL did object to the word Cup being used, however vehicles using the Blackhawk and Nashville logo's were hit by participants with sledgehammers in subsequent playoff rounds.

Some may recall this happening in Ottawa during the 2003 playoffs vs the Islanders?

Islanders website: Report they have requested Msg change it's program schedule with the following statement:

The New York Islanders have requested that MSG Networks change the originally scheduled game to be viewed at the Friday, Aug. 19 meetup. As a part of MSG Plus’ Summer Ice programming, the schedule had the Islanders game from Friday, Feb. 11 against the Pittsburgh Penguins set to air at 7 p.m. Instead MSG Plus will air the Islanders 7-6 overtime victory on Sunday, Feb. 13 over the Buffalo Sabres.

NYIFC Comments:
No complaint here on Msg scheduling this game, or the Isles right to have one of it's many viewing parties which they just had on August 3rd. The Penguins Mickey Mouse media got their message out, the NHL over-reacted to a non-story.

This from a Pens media that went very easy on Lowell MacDonald here that had no problem welcoming him back after being suspended from withholding replay footage on a goal here that employs the likes of Paul Steigerwald for commentary?

The New York Islanders do not have a professional print media to counter anything written about them, it's beyond them whatever is printed whether true or false.

One team has a professional print media fighting for the house team, the other has James Dolan owned Newsday sitting in silence. Most professional outlets (perhaps the NHL league office itself despite former Ranger salesman Frank Brown/John Dellapina) do not understand the Islanders do not control scheduled rebroadcasts of games by a television rights holder.

Many will incorrectly report the Islanders have their own television network and made the decision to air this game. Once again the game was scheduled May 20th by Msg here with the following ad:

August 19: Penguins at Islanders (2/11/11)
High-scoring slugfest featuring 15 fighting majors,
11 game misconducts and 346 penalty minutes.

The Islanders pr department did not write this ad for Msg Network, the Islanders do not produce fighting hockey programs as Msg does.

May 20th. That's how long ago the Pens media/Msg & the NHL could have decided the game not be shown on television, unlike the many games aired with fights/violence which air regularly.

The game against Buffalo scheduled for 8/29 on Msg will air Friday night, will another game replace that one on 8/29?

The preseason game from the Coliseum should be aired in it's place live on television.

Bottom line the usual NHL lack of a spine, or bias, against the Islanders or where the lack of having a professional media hurt one of it's partners. The fighting in this game can be seen 24/7/365 on the internet, along with this game on NHL website.

The Islanders stayed above the fray, but they had no real choice with no professional media to counter it.