New York At Calgary/Notables:

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Tonight's game will shockingly be televised by Msg from Calgary, which likely means NHL Network feed. More below on this subject.
The Islanders have their lineup out for Calgary game. Nabokov is expected to make his debut. Reasoner/Rahkshani/Kabanov are expected to play. Staios is listed to get his third game in a row against his former team. Gillies has dressed for every game as has Pandolfo.


Donovan-de Haan

Islanders website: released their internet feed preseason schedule.

NYIFC Comments:
No chance Dolanvision is lifting local blackout restrictions for the game to appear on NHL network. No chance Tsn is lifting blackout restrictions. Cablevision/Msg is in hot water again over their HD coverage restrictions here Neil Best will not be covering that as Dolan's media person which effects our fans telecasts at various outlets.

Islanders website: Report Dolanvision is not only allowing local broadcast, but putting it on Msg+.

NYIFC Comments:
Nice way to shut down my criticism, however frankly contradicts entire history of never televising Islander games in preseason, which extended to Saturday's home game.

I guess it will be the Calgary feed on NHLNetwork.

All New York Islander preseason games should be televised, same as the team Msg owns. Also 25+ games should not be hidden on channels that will produce poor ratings.

When this happens, then I will shut down my criticism.
AP: Had comments from several New York Islanders on the 2011-12 season.

NYIFC Comments:
Ira Podell, usually keeps the proverbial glass as empty as possible on the New York Islanders beyond the quotes.
KC game for Pittsburgh-Los Angeles is apparently SRO, which means Kings staff did a better job marketing this one.
No interest in professional media that do sloppy previews, only posting professional previews that have credible information, in other words, Scott Burnside need not apply.
No interest ever in racial story lines beyond praise for Willie O'Ree and countless others world-wide, such as our current captain from Switzerland.
Vancouver Province: notes the Canucks copied the Islanders pre-season strategy of inviting veterans to fill out a roster for preseason games.

NYIFC Comments:
What the Vancouver writer omits is the Islanders training camp issue of the China trip falling through created a need to schedule split-squad game, so veteran invites. Did Vancouver have the same issue? No.

Nice to see the Vancouver Province has not lost it's touch.
I did not see James Wisniewski's actions to earn him a long suspension, however a year ago, that was a concern of mine when he was traded here that his history would catch up with him because there is no reset button for multiple suspensions. (unless you are Chris Pronger)

Having written that if Wisniewski was available this summer to the Islanders, of course they should have taken a run at resigning him as I wrote about last season, just not at that price.

Trevor Gillies should be very concerned, one head shot (even a player ducking) I suspect he's gone for over forty games if not an entire season.

Brendan Shanahan is following the rules approved by the general managers and the BOG. He should have a staff to explain out the video suspensions with his statements or he's going to be out there every other day.

If it's consistent, shows common sense, we as fans can understand, plus same standard is applied for all incidents, it will be a big hit with everyone. Players cannot use arms (even kept down) to target the head any longer, and boarding has put the onus on the player doing the charging from behind or hitting between numbers.

If only this rule was in place for Radek Martinek.

Dramatic changes, even greater than obstruction changes after the last lockout.
Very happy Chris Campoli hooked up with a team, hoping McCabe can continue his career, just not with this team, obviously rooting hard for Trent Hunter.
Shane Sims was invited to tryout for Portland which concludes the class of 2011 search with Brian Day landing in WBS Pens camp. Released it's composite pre-season schedule on 9/23, that does not include the Sound Tigers or several teams. In short, no idea what the Islanders are going to do with players sent to Bridgeport besides practice.

Not exactly sure what composite means either.
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