New York Lose Rookie Game/Rakhshani/Notables

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New York lost it's opening rookie game to Boston 8-5 Monday night, it was a 3-3 game entering the third, before Boston made it 6-3 very quickly.

Islanders website: Jack Capuano/Calvin deHaan comment on loss, also ITV video from head coach here along with Strome, Niederreiter and Kabanov.

Rhett Rakhshani sustained a concussion in the first period, he had a concussion in January and missed five games (during his callup) so something to watch very closely.

Did not watch the first period, Mikko Koskinen had at least one goal by his reaction he wanted back.

Cizikas, Ullstrom were visible, Strome had a good chance or two. Kabanov tipped in a point shot, John Persson banged in a rebound, a Calvin deHaan point shot made it 6-4.

Did not see Niederreiter's first period goal, his third period five on three goal was a nice shot in the high slot, off a McNeely pass to make it 6-5.

Matt Donovan had a turnover on one third period goal, his high-sticking penalty, which led to the 7-5 goal off horrible coverage was a rough period for him.
Media Front:
Let's get the silly season over with the first rookie game.

Dolan/Cablevision/Msg/Newsday pathetic Islander beatwriters changing again behind the paywall, where they should pay the fans to read the articles.

The latest Ranger die-hard, Arthur Staple, replaces worthless Katie Strang, who's the latest former Ranger beatwriter handed the Islander beat. He will be less informed, far more vindictive for the " time being "
(his words) he will have the Islander beat.

This is the same Arthur Staple, who a full year ago, claimed the Ranger offense was better than the Islanders, despite both teams scoring the exact same number of goals?

John Valenti can always come back from weather duty and play hockey expert again as he did in the late 90's. An NBA lockout could force painfully bad Alan Hahn back for a while?

Fear not for Katie Strang, she will be selling Ranger Hockey for Espn on their amateur fan blog that's about a 10-1-1 coverage disparity in favor of the Dolan's hockey team, hopefully without bristling so much or references to Cinderella or Prince Charming.

She just fell off the map entirely in terms of professional media, not that she was ever really on it.

Considering her employer, who can blame her for leaving? Not like Debbie Kranek or Hank Winnicki have any control either, they do what the owner says or they find a new job.

And to be fair, Strang had no chance at Newsday in terms of what she could write, she twittered at midnight on New Years Eve about Islander hockey.
Looks like the New York Islanders will also be short-changed on television once again by Msg.

Part time Deb Placey for the Islanders, becomes full time Deb Placey for the Devils, after years of her not going on road after her failed Msg studio show.

Once again the Islanders lose someone from a telecast unless Rob Carlin is allowed in the Coliseum for games, while the Devils have Daneyko, Fischler and now Placey covering all games?

Christine Simpson was also hired by Dolan as the Devils Msg+ host last October.

Cannot prove Steve Cangialosi for Mike Emrick is the latest Goring for Jaffe, cost-cutting move by Msg. Emrick would not lower his standard to play such a game if true over his expiring contract because he does not need Msg.

Emrick left quickly/quietly, with his media reputation the complete opposite of Msg as the best in the business.
Good to see the Rupert Murdoch/NY Post, fiction department, has not lost it's hockey misreporting touch.

The Devils section is also gone from the NY Post page.

Mark Everson could be taking Jay Greenberg's Msg saleseman spot, as he went back to Philadelphia to sell Ed Snider's Flyers with Tim Panaccio late last season.