New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/20/2011 10:08:00 PM |

A few notables.

Mark Streit, or John Tavares, will likely be named Captain on Wednesday. Given press conference questions during signing on Tavares being named captain, I would bet all on Streit.

Horrible the loss of Mark Katic, this was a player who showed me a great deal with his skating and skill last year. This could well mean the end of his chance here.

I would absolutely go into the season with Wishart/deHaan. Of course, I expect many more defenders will be needed given the history.

Rhett Rahkshani's concussion is a huge deal, same for Mitchell Theoret. Reasoner not practicing yet not a concern with Ullstrom, Strome here for now. Indifferent on Pandolfo.

Completely expected holding back on Andrew MacDonald. I remember the six month articles last season.

Steve Staios? Would not sign him regardless. Too many of same veteran has been here in past and not worked out.

Five exhibition games? Stay healthy, that's all to be concerned about.

Blake Kessel accepted no discount from Philadelphia. For an invited walk-on, off a low draft pick, depending on what you read he almost got Bailey's money. K-Wings concluded their affiliation with New York Islanders.

NYIFC Comments:
The K-Wings section has been removed from prospect blog.

As much this blog was against split-squad games, an NHL preseason double-header has to be one of the worst idea's ever unless both teams employ twenty three different skaters for both games.

Notice the crowds at other teams prospect games, noticed the crowd at the Coliseum last Tuesday?

Some of you are clearly not getting the message.

To keep this team that building must be filled. Don't tell me about the building when the 1968 dump in Manhattan has had more people (but not sold out for preseason) or Igloo/whatever it was named it's final few years.

Fill the seats or lose the team. Filling the seats makes Nassau do a deal. New/renovated building? Charles Wang will sign on for 14m a year in rent, eighty nine percent of all event revenue.

As I have written the framework is there, Wang made clear he was not constructing the new facility himself or renovating anything. Mangano can put up six fifty million dollar RFP's to do a massive renovation over several years.

Please, don't tell this blogger about Tavares or the payroll, everyone signed and wanted to be here, the payroll could go over fifty million dollars. All these shock jocks lecturing about how the club is so far below the floor (as usual) were guessing.

Excuses are over.

Not much else to write at this time, some preseason games will be webcasted, Dolan will only put the house team on television to hide competition......old news.

Our little scoreboard has preseason updates, prospect camp feed is working as expected.