Nov 2010 New York Islanders Are Not Going To Win

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/21/2011 05:21:00 PM |

Not that tough to go back and watch tapes from second half of 2010-11, even in losses this team could skate, and forced the opposition to work.

What we have seen so far are the November 2010 New York Islanders.

Nothing new to really add beyond recent entries on signing Steve Staios, or the teams overall lack of speed, plus using players out of position, and a slower veteran supporting cast.

Jack Capuano, even in wins, knows something is not right with his team, he reactions during games, his comments (win or lose) make clear he does not like how his team is playing.

All due respect to Tampa Bay, they did not have a very good game themselves, it's not about one game, just as it was not when I wrote about it after the second game.

Wait until the New York Islanders start playing teams that know how to win, or have top offensive talent, that can move the puck.

The November 2010 team is going to get beaten badly.

Is this blog the only one that understands that Blake Comeau needs to play left wing every single game, does the team even follow his history?

No folks, John Tavares individual effort is not an overall team offensive improvement, all it means is the team is too slow to set up a player, is forced to carry the puck and more along in his development to do so. Most goals are coming off point shots by a defense too slow/predictable.

I do not see this working with Pandolfo, Rolston in a different position than where he was productive (LW) in the second half for the Devils, or with Mottau, Eaton or Staios dressed together.

Sure, Staios made as great a play as a defender can make diving to stop a breakaway and getting all puck. His penalty led to the opening goal, his lack of speed created several other chances for Tampa Bay.

That's not how this team had it's success in the second half of last season, nor with Eaton (even when it works) or Mottau diving all over the defensive zone.

MacDonald lost a puck that led to a goal, where the defense backed off, seems he's only able to play games working back from his injury?

So others are finally figuring out Kyle Okposo had five goals in the second half last year, skating with Frans Nielsen, who cannot score at five on five, and has never produced with Nielsen has his center?

Nielsen scored his first five on five goal a year ago in December, his second in February, he's ahead of his pace. I guess without penalty shot goals, shootout goals, shorthanded goals, folks are finally seeing the big picture?

Capuano never had to juggle lines last year, now he feels he has to, the head coach can see this is not the same team he had in the second half.

Again, repetitive from previous entries.

The Nov 2010 plan is simply not going to work.