What's Next For New York? More Games/Tough Choices

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/30/2011 01:31:00 PM |

Not much to write about two token road wins against the Devils or Sabres, over eighty two games even the worst teams win a few games.

There are some good signs with Grabner, Tavares, Okposo getting chances, Rolston setting up a goal, and scoring another with hard work. Bailey's passing is a lot of fun to watch, and that was a nice shot for his goal.

I have never seen a player in this league generate as many breakaways as Michael Grabner game by game.

David Ullstrom's been a nice story, he had his first NHL point in Buffalo, but he's not going to replace Comeau's twenty goal production and neither is Matt Martin this year. I found it interesting the Calgary spin machine, completely ignored his giveaway that led to a goal in Calgary's one goal loss in his first game.

Comeau for his part was first class and did not put anything on Capuano.

Obviously, Al Montoya's play is at a more consistent level than DiPietro, and deserves to start for the time being. I suspect DiPietro is not going to be effective playing occasionally, but he has not earned the opportunity to play over Montoya, and forced Capuano to start Anders Nilsson.

That was his chance.

Still, the team defense is not nearly good enough, even with MacDonald looking better, Hamonic playing well. Mike Mottau almost has to be hidden as we saw against the Devils after their second goal. If Steve Staios is on the ice five on three, obviously Jack Capuano does not see what I see, or has no other alternative vs Jurcina (who had six shots on goal vs Buffalo) but has plenty of his own lapses.

Of course Parise should have been called for goalie interference, and the distinct kicking motion was there, but it was a break. The fact he was alone in front, after Nielsen won the faceoff perfectly says it all about the problems with this team in critical moments of games, whether it be scoring or defending.

No gang, icing means no line change allowed, don't blame Capuano for who was on the ice.

What I notice most about this teams powerplay is how many times the word surrounded is used while the Isles supposedly have the extra man, a goal/redirection by Moulson off a point shot by Steit is fine for one pp goal, but overall this power play has struggled and not generating the chances they should be.

How many entire games have the Isles been surrounded at five on five?
What's Next?
They play a few more road games and need to find ways to win ugly as they did in Buffalo and New Jersey. Tavares is getting close, he get's one it could lead to a bunch.

Could be time for a call up on defense.
Playoff Reality?
This club is four games under five hundred, to realistically qualify you need to be at least 10-12 games over the break even mark.

It's not realistic.

But it goes much deeper than this.

Have the New York Islanders played a compete sixty minute game yet, where the Isles talent was simply better than the other team where the opposition played well? I would have to write no, which was far different than the second half of last season.

Are things going to get any better this limited on defense, or with the slower defenders/forwards? The injuries are starting to surface more and one key injury could really sink the club for good.
Not much to write on Charles Wang's comments which cannot be trusted strictly from Dolan's beatwriter without supporting video/audio. Wang speaks more than any other local owner, not getting killed in games should not be acceptable to him after all the resources and time he puts into this team. Being philosophical about the journey is all well and good, but he's paid for a winning team in 2011-12.

New York hockey is small market because it's baseball's town, he is correct there.

He was honest enough (as usual) to admit he cannot spend like the corporate teams, but most should know that already or are not being realistic.

Charles Wang has Nassau County, every other owner got taxpayer money or exemptions for their new or renovated buildings and still the Devils are on the verge of bankruptcy in a taxpayer funded arena where the Devils receive the revenue. Wang got the privilege of losing over 20m trying to do the Lighthouse with Scott Rechler, while Ed Mangano, Kate Murray and now Hofstra President, Stuart Rabinowicz, looking out for what suits their best interest after a decade of spending with poor fan support.

Fans should direct their frustration there, not at an owner who locked up his core talent for the next five years last summer. (despite backloading)