A Win For New York....However

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/05/2011 11:55:00 PM |

For those who have followed NYIFC for years, you know blog entries are not done to depress folks, quite the opposite, sure our team can enjoy a comeback against a very good opponent.

They had to have a win, any way possible tonight and got it, perhaps it helps a few players relax, and changes the offensive dynamic.

Having written this, poor goals allowed and point shots for rebounds is not nearly enough. For this to work, some forwards need to create some offense out of the corners or along the walls. Everything this team does seems to come off rushes or outside shots.

Obviously the slower defenders cannot pinch with any speed or ability to cycle.

Vokoun let up some poor goals, Washington did not have a great deal of jump in this game.

You look at the four goals, credit the hustle of Nielsen, however he was one against four and a low percentage rebound got past Vokoun.

Rolston took a good shot, he was also surrounded and outnumbered before it got past Vokoun.

Staios shot got through, Martin made a nice play to finish, but another low percentage outside shot, same as Parenteau's game winning goal.

Not being negative, but this has been the only offensive formula that has worked at five on five outside of one period against Tampa.

It's not the offense that beat teams in the second half, that scored so many brilliant goals off creative play deep in the offensive zone off a sustained fore-check and wore down the opposition.

Not a fan of Grabner changing his position, apparently Rolston needs to be a left wing here, so far Comeau and now the teams leading scorer have changed for him. The five minutes on Parenteau was terrible.

Ok, two points.

Boston just won 7-0 against Toronto, every Atlantic team won on Saturday, with Pens leading as this was written.