Clarifications For NYIFC Readers/Twitter Followers

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/13/2011 05:30:00 PM |

There is never a perfect time for this, however we need to address a few things for NYIFC readers either here at this site or those following on twitter, because a lot of e-mail is received on this.

Our twitter box here at New York Islander Fan Central, is in effect, a running blog.

Because of this format NYIFC continued last season and continued again for 2011-12.

A year ago we went all out with twitter updates for every game/which included far more blog entries than advertised.

Whether a new written entry is posted or a bunch of twitter updates are posted, it is basically the same thing, so you are always seeing new information here.

This have been scaled back again this year, the concept of doing late night twitter updates/blog entries is something that has been done more than advertised, however there is no interest in signing on late after games regardless of what happens on the ice for every game.

Of course, NYIFC always tries to do a little more.
Given the announcement today regarding Islander prospect, Corey Trivino, I wish to clarify our policy on management, player or media members private lives.

It's off limits.....

NYIFC discusses hockey related issues here only.

It has been this way here since this NYIFC started in summer of 2007.

Regretfully a lot of amateur fan bloggers, and sadly professional media now all interested in selling themselves or to gain attention, feel the need to comment or play expert on everything for fresh material.

NYIFC cannot/will-not do that and see's this practice as unfortunate.

One twitter update on Matt Moulson getting sued for a car accident being in a newspaper was re-tweeted here. I felt later on that was completely inappropriate on our part to do so, and apologize for adding it to our twitter feed.

We can discuss media bias regarding hockey matters, how it relates to a teams business, how folks do business that effect the club on and off the ice, but everyone's private lives are off limits.

We discuss hockey related issues here.
As for NYIFC twitter only followers no doubt most of this will ring on deaf ears, because many obviously do not visit this blog.

However, to be clear anyone joining our NYIFC twitter feed to sell products, advertise their own hockey sites will simply be blocked and reported for spam.

I have resisted making the feed subscription only, but all conversations must be about hockey, respectful, and done without any kind of profanity which is NYIFC rule out of respect for all followers.

Thank You Very Much,

Twitter box will re-post Wednesday at 10am.