Mangano Words/Actions Prove He's No New York Islander Fan

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/31/2012 11:37:00 PM |

Twitter comments on the win in Carolina are posted.  

Ed Mangano's true colors are showing more and more they are not New York Islander Blue and Orange, which has never been any shock.

Apparently Charles Wang's " friend " from last summer is turning on him recently making it clear to the media “Ask him,” regarding the Isles owner comment on Mangano's latest HUB plan, despite Mr Wang making clear he does not want negotiations in newspapers.

Tuesday, another cheap shot from Mangano, at what is a completely meaningless preseason game in Brooklyn because Charles Wang cannot move his Marriott hotel there. Instead, why doesn't Mr Mangano go to the game in Brooklyn with his County representatives and support the New York Islanders?

For that matter he can always attend the yearly scheduled Coliseum pre-season game?

Of course, the two million dollar bill for Mr Mangano's referendum on the Coliseum failing was expected to be the final time he would support a new Coliseum and he took a political hit, but make no mistake that was never any favor to Charles Wang, as written back in May 2011, it was ultimately to cover himself.

It should have been done behind closed doors like all other local sports teams received without any referendum.

That was a plan where taxpayer money automatically went into Nassau County's discretionary fund, regardless of how the Coliseum did for the next thirty years. When it failed, Mangano had his permanent out with the taxpayers support, it's no shock he's doing exactly that, with a process that is designed to take things back to the 1990's.

New York State will not be giving critical discretionary money to renovate or replace an arena vs other plans when the people involved submitting proposals directly have other interests. Stuart Rabinowicz wants revenue that helps Hofstra, not the New York Islanders and the same goes for Kevin Law and his LIA associates.

That's more of the usual political football that has gone on for over two decades, a new arena will never be  a priority for them, nor will any arena plan ever be acceptable. 

Our primary issue here with Ed Mangano is this sports fan does absolutely nothing to support Nassau County's team? His administration is not visible at games or team events, but he's out there supporting other area teams which we have noted and documented many times? 

Where was Ed Mangano and his representatives during the Lighthouse Tournament?

Will they be in at the teams Casino night on Wednesday for the Isles Children's Foundation which will be live webcast by the club itself?

Instead Mr Mangano is out there honoring a New Jersey football teams 1986 championship, putting the county office in their colors, and hyping how it will help Nassau's economy?

Last I looked, it cost absolutely nothing  to show some pride and be visible for your own local team and that goes for all of them from Mangano to Murray, Jacobs, Rabinowicz and Kevin Law.

Even Mike Bloomberg of all people, after what the Dolan's did during the West Side Stadium fight, goes to the taxpayer exempt Cablevision Garden and is sighted with Dolan, who told people he was going to a Ranger game after a blizzard last year?