Garth Snow Now Openly Using Rebuilding Word

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2012 04:22:00 PM |

Twitter comments post Senators game will be strictly on sidebar Friday night, the box will return Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to Mark Eaton on GWG in 600th game.

I do not like double-talk from my teams general manger because it's a waste of our time.

This blog has a long memory and feels it's important that words have meaning or should not be used. NYIFC was very rough on Snow, Ted Nolan following their meetings with the fans following the 2007-08 season where Snow discussed a working relationship/daily communication with his coach before they parted company. 

Nov 27th 2009  Garth Snow had the following:

Is the success a sign, though, that your rebuilding strategy may be ahead of schedule?
Snow: “I don’t use that word rebuild. We’re trying to make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup like every other team. We don’t go in with the mindset that losing is acceptable, and when that word is used, sometimes winning doesn’t matter. I don’t think I’ve used that word too much and if I have, it’s been very limited. We’re trying to win every hockey game we play in. The group that we have in that locker room, it may be young, but that doesn’t make it can’t have success.”

Going into 2010-11, Snow made clear in pre-season everyone had to be better and this team must be making a run at a playoff spot before 620 man games lost to injury happened, and the club improved with many of those players sidelines in the second half.

NYIFC noted in his Dec 2010 ITV Interview With Chris King he started using the rebuild word. 

Last night Snow called into Gary Bettman on NHL Live and used the rebuilding word twice (6:54/12:40) that he claimed he does not use?

Our point is words and philosophies either have meaning or they do not.  The gm can talk about the massive past injuries for some Islander clubs falling short as reasonable, he can defend his signings that were good percentage moves whether they worked out or not.

He can be guarded/cryptic about his upcoming moves which is fine and all part of it.

What he cannot do or receive a pass from is to start using a word that he did not like to cover his team being eleven points out of a playoff spot.

That's a waste of the fans time and an insult to our intelligence.

Updated post game vs Ottawa:
Snow also did an interview Friday night.   Sorry, folks Time Warner/Cablevision victim. Snow used the rebuild word again at 7:12 in video.

NYIFC Comments:
As for Mr Bettman, Mr Snow their job is to help Charles Wang, get a new or renovated facility and push an issue that has been dragging for decades. I understand that part of it.  Having written that enough rhetoric about a forty year old building because Mr Bettman when he took the job as commissioner never used those terms on fifty and sixty year old facilities far more outdated than the current Nassau Coliseum.

There's a right way vs the wrong way. Bettman may be frustrated, as most are with this politics, but stop telling us a forty year old facility is unable to a house an NHL franchise.

 Snow had blanket praise for Jack Capuano. 

Not much to write on Anton Klementyev going on the kind of waivers to where he will not be coming back, his  prospect spot has to be replaced in the organization's depth chart.

Win a game, take step back in playoff race, standings do not lie.

Not sure what Nabokov will be like with thirteen day rest, obviously not thrilled Staios remains in for Reese with another very fast team in Ottawa.

I saw more from Rhett Rakhshani in two periods than Brian Rolston in two months and have followed his career since Denver, he's always progressed at every level and we saw that a year ago and expect he will be a productive NHL player.