New York Playing Out The String: Misconceptions/Fabrications

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/19/2012 01:59:00 PM |
New York has ten games left in the 2011-12 season.

Anything can happen in terms of the final seeding, projecting out the remaining games has no value because any club can beat another.

The seventy two games played suggest the Islanders likely will finish out of the lottery despite their present standing because this is a club that has mostly fluctuated between six under and five hundred all season.

Some other clubs are in a more pronounced free-fall.

The trends also suggest this club is incapable of more than a three game winning streak.

Trends always change so a lot cannot be read into them.

NHL franchises/players do not tank games.

Those writing players/coaches who are fighting for their future employment have no interest in winning every single game are only kidding themselves.

How some players produce are everything come contract time or what other organizations find out via scouting when they decide on signing or trading for a player. Someone mailing it in will not be the player a gm wants to build around or spend their limited resources on, much less have around their prospects.

The list of players signed (or not) are playing for their future and how they finish mean everything.

NYIFC will still use it's twitter account to refute fabrications/bias and writers with obvious agenda's in some of the worst articles out there on occasion.

Having written this NYIFC has done enough of that here, our goal has been to use our important time/space for credible, relevant journalism that's fair.

There are years of archives responding to those only interested in tabloid journalism who fail to practice professionalism desperate for pageviews above anything else.

Unfortunately our archives are still completely correct most of the time which says everything about the writer/publication/agenda/double-standards and virtually nothing about the New York Islanders.

All our welcome to view the archives here back to 2007.
Moving Forward:
New York plays it's final game of the season in Canada vs Toronto.

Bridgeport with a six game losing streak (some OT games) absolutely could use back David Ullstrom/Casey Cizikas to strengthen it's tenuous spot.

Anders Nilsson hurt his ankle on Sunday, it's reported not serious.
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