Next Up At New York Islander Fan Central----Time Off

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/17/2012 07:35:00 PM |
Updated 4/19:
Southcoast Today: Had comments from former assistant coach, Scott Allen, on leaving the Islanders.
Our entry on leap day this year 2/29 has more than enough on the future of NYIFC.

Despite being a blog that is supposed to generally work through twitter, once again much more was posted here because of the incredible support.

My Thanks To Everyone.

Unless something major happens, next week the twitter box will return.

Next Up:
Bridgeport will be in the Calder Cup Playoffs, the prospect blog has that covered.

A section for the World Championships has been set up here for those to follow when that begins in early May, the Isles website is currently doing daily updates leading up to the tournament which has a link here.

The 2012 draft section has been set up also.

My knowledge of the prospects in the draft class frankly is terrible, so to attempt to discuss that here beyond take the best player available would be disingenuous.