Pat Lafontaine WSJ Writer Mike Sielski Contacted For Followup

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/05/2012 10:21:00 AM | |
Updated 4/5/2012:
Mr Sielski responded

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your note and your interest in my story, but I can't get into the details of my newsgathering and reporting with you. It's not Journal policy.

All the best,
Mike Sielski
The Wall Street Journal
This puts New York Islander Fan Central in the position of making our questions to Mr Sielski public for our readers which will be presented on Friday, April 5th,at 10am.

The twitter box will return at 5pm for Steve Staios 1000th career game.
On April 5th, New York Islander Fan Central contacted, Wall Street Journal writer, Mike Sielski, asking him many followup questions to his April 2nd feature on Pat Lafontaine.

Mr Sielski also did a WFAN 960 audio interview on 4/4 as a followup to his feature here.

As explained in our e-mail there are a lot of unanswered items that perhaps he could clarify for everyone because the subsequent radio/webcast (above) did not address any of this.

I explained our intention here is to inform our readers as a New York Islander blog with no team or media affiliation.

New York Islander Fan Central hopes he takes the time to respond in the upcoming days.

Mr Sielski's background lists him as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and the author of the book: Fading Echoes: A True Story of Rivalry and Brotherhood from the Football Field to the Fields of Honor.

An earlier profile, does not list his WSJ credential but does list all his 2012 WSJ articles with a very impressive resume of awards, and career achievements here.