New York Islanders For Now A Time Of Meaningless Speculation

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/22/2012 03:06:00 PM |
We know the 2012-13 New York Islanders have the following players locked in barring a trade in a sport with few major trades.

RFA Martin-Reasoner-Niederreiter

Also a decision has to play out with Parenteau.

We also know a lot of prospects who got a long look here need another chance from day one of camp because that's what development is.

Otherwise why draft/develop them?

Cizikas, Ullstrom, the many prospects in Bridgeport/college/juniors/2012 draft.

How do you go this far with Rhett Rahkshani after how he produced and not give him a full shot in the NHL?

On defense there are three key players signed, a lot of prospects who also did not look out of place at this level, along with decisions on Reese/other veterans.

Calvin deHaan played one game here, Mark Streit said he was ready to play at this level, how do you keep a first round pick in year four off the NHL roster?

I want to see former AHL all-star, Mark Katic get a full shot at this level because a year ago he had speed, and skill that stood out, if his shoulder goes again, so be it.

Anyone see anything so bad to suggest Donovan or Ness cannot play at this level?

This club could use Donovan's size badly on the backline.

In goal there are decisions to be made on Montoya, another on RFA Koskinen.

Obviously regardless of what happens with DiPietro/Nabokov it seems obvious Poulin or Nilsson can come up and play well if needed.

Sure, a lot of players are available that their former teams will be glad to be rid of in a trade, how do they help the New York Islanders?

Yes, there will be a new draft class, also a free agent period where the risk/reward factor again is not good for a mediocre overall group of players.

Beyond that it's all a matter of meaningless speculation about a season that may well not even take place.

One thing I will write that is not speculation.
1. You stick to your plan if you are Garth Snow.
2. No such thing as having too many prospects.