Final Thoughts on 2012 Entry Draft

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2012 02:53:00 PM |
 Updated 6/23: ITV Posting Video Interviews for most of the players selected during day two (Adam Pelech via phone) Trent Klatt comments on selections..ect


Posted my comments on with my final thoughts on 2012 entry draft for the New York Islanders.

All blog entries/video now final. Prospect Blog contains profiles of entire draft class. 

Wang, Snow, Visnovski audio interviews. No doubt more coming from Islanders website/ITV.

Next up finding out who is qualified with that deadline Monday. (hopefully we find out earlier)

Likely the heavy concentration on defense means some defenders will not be qualified or stocking up for a trade.

Thank You Very Much......hope everyone enjoyed entries here----also asked Mark Katic on twitter to respond for our German visitors waiting final confirmation, however Mike Mulryan is an excellent professional journalist for the Timmins Times, who covers Katic often in his hometown paper, he had several updates leading up to his detailed report on the signing or I would never post it here.