Mark Katic Signs With Berlin

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/20/2012 07:15:00 PM |
Timmins Times: Mike Mulryan reports Mark Katic has signed in Germany.

Mark Katic has signed to play for Berlin next season. Katic has more than one reason to play there next season and they are all good. Katic was much coveted by many elite teams in Europe. He has settled for Berlin and is happy with his choice. I talked to more than one team in Europe that were extremely interested in getting Mark’s name on a contract for this season. Now the pressure of getting a deal done is off and he can concentrate on his upcoming wedding.

NYIFC Comments: 
Timmins Times is the hometown paper or record that covers Katic regularly, even on the ice time he was able to get earlier this month. Mr Mulryan reported Katic's new contract would be announced this week. 

Like Rakhshani, this is a significant loss because he had a realistic chance of making the NHL roster, but no doubt his shoulder injuries held down his opportunities, and perhaps younger picks were now ahead of him on the depth chart. Having written that the defense depth chart in Bridgeport may be thin come September depending on who makes the Isles from that group.

Again, we have to see what the Isles decide in terms of a qualifying offer to retain Katic's NHL rights, his 2010-11 cameo showed a player with NHL level skating/puck handling.