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 New York Notables is something written here often about Islander or around the league items.

The only things I can write about the finals is the Devils could just as easily be up 3-1, and that Zach Parise hardly has looked like a franchise player scoring big goals for the Devils come playoff time, which is something that has happened often during his young career.

It's time for Parise to flat out put the team on his back with some game winning goals because that's what franchise players do once in a while.  One pp rebound goal in the last two series is hardly dominating, a few early goals against the Flyers/Panthers is not enough.

Kovalchuk got huge money, this is his time too.

I'm shocked Brodeur has been this good. 

When a team falls behind 3-0, do not count on a comeback. The Kings can revert to their 8th seed status, but the Devils can also revert to the team that was very streaky.

Anything can happen, however don't count on many point shots blocked for redirected goals for one team in the next three games. 

The Kings have the size/hitting in a league where it looks like 2004 with all the obstruction not being called.

A big reason why Bettman/Shanahan/co are not taken seriously on this matter is because June has to be treated the same as September.
Sad to see the Manhattan media has done what they do best, dropped finals coverage to a level not higher than two or three total articles for Devils.

Dolan's Newsday/Msg+? AP all the way, with what looked like everyone kept in New Jersey for long distance post-game shows.

Dirt cheap coverage from the so-called television partners.

I bring up the subject because this will be the template moving forward when the New York Islanders make a deep run toward a cup.

Likely worse. 
Had some thoughts of doing a separate entry for this, but expect many fringe NHL players to make sure they have a guaranteed paycheck by signing when KHL free agency begins with no CBA, and a real possibility of a work stoppage.

What makes 2012 much different than 2004 is there was no KHL for that lockout, and this league starts up earlier than the NHL.

The stars with NHL contracts can wait for a lockout before signing in the KHL, fringe players where NHL teams are not lining up for their services have a choice to make.

It will need to be made sooner.
For those familiar with this blog, no interest in anything but confirmed information from professional sites.

I made my comments on assistant coaches around the league, who have remained despite many head coaches/some general managers being changed. Brad Shaw has been behind the Blues bench since he left the Islanders.
As easy a target as Kate Murray is, Dolan's paper did not even give her space for an actual article with her direct quotes so it's of no consequence.

Guess she's not as popular as George Marlin of NIFA. 
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Two weeks until the NHL draft.
NHL qualifying offers due the Monday after the draft.