NHL Makes 50/50-No Salary Rollback Offer

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/16/2012 03:55:00 PM | |
NHL.com Gary Bettman announced a new offer to the NHLPA that allows an 82 game schedule beginning 11/2. 

Donald Fehr he needs time to review the offer. 

Both Bettman/Fehr have given video interviews.

NHL.com Transcript of Bettman's Comments

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously this is the final chance for an 82 game schedule. An offer of this measure also means the players existing long-term front-loaded contracts will be honored in full which no doubt most players will want to accept.

If Donald Fehr does not accept the offer, not even the media salesman of x market teams will be able to defend the NHLPA not accepting a 50/50 split given what the avg NHL player now makes in salary. 

The problem moving forward are issues Bettman has within his own circle of owners on salary cap, front-loading, length of contracts, and how many NTC/NMC a team can carry. A league where you have seventy million dollar teams front-loading, or hiding mistakes in the AHL is not a balanced system.

There cannot be collusion not to front-load or make long-term offers, it has to be part of a binding agreement on player contracts with the NHLPA.

Revenue sharing is an internal NHL decision to make among owners governing themselves with regard to their share of revenue.