NHLPA Rejected Proposal/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/21/2012 08:39:00 PM |
USA Today: Released an updated 10/21 article with some details of the NHLPA proposal. 

NHLPA Website: As of Sunday PM has not put their complete offers with all specifics on their website.

NYIFC Comments:
I wanted folks to have both sides complete offers to judge for themselves. Obviously media involved is far to biased in most cases to extreme.

For myself, it's insulting defending corporate owners who created this problem with a history of their teams as stand alone businesses not being profitable.

Comcast sending the Flyers money to front-load contracts does not mean the Flyers are profitable.

Cablevision sending Msg Network 140m dollars does not mean the Rangers are profitable here in 2010.

Chicago Tribune: Rocky Wirtz needing his other businesses to make Hawks payroll in 2010 on cash calls does not mean the Hawks make money by themselves.

On the other side of this NHL players making 2.5m on avg receiving massive front-loaded deals many with NTC/NMC have hardly been treated unfairly.

Zach Parise got his ten million dollar signing bonus already here  plus the players are owed their 2011-12 escrow payments from last CBA.

All the rhetoric aside, if the NHL offer guarantees full contracts signed in the last CBA with no rollbacks the NHLPA should be willing to accept that with a 50/50 revenue split if it means the players get some of that money later as opposed to sooner. 

The players should not have to forfeit one penny of binding agreements this time around.

I'm sorry to write my impression of Donald Fehr is he was too slow to get started and seems very comfortable with letting Bettman have another lockout on his resume.

Fehr has his resume too that includes baseball losing a world series on his watch, competitive balance in terms of payroll was ruined under his tenure.

He was not hired to make owners pay players less, it's not his problem that owners overspend or find loopholes that them to make these offers.
There is no Sunday update on a possible injury to Calvin deHaan from game at WBS.