One More Nassau Coliseum Stanley Cup....Canyon Of Hero's...Host Outdoor Game...All-Star Game...NHL Draft

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/31/2012 01:44:00 AM |
The title says it all.

One more Stanley Cup Championship Celebration at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum whenever this lockout ends if Wang is locked into his lease. 

You get in the playoffs you can win the Stanley Cup. The Isles beat the 8th seed Kings, and had many close games (wins) against the finals Devils.

The parity in this league means any team has a chance, nor is there anything close to a dominating team. The 1982 Vancouver Canucks were a 30-33-17 team that played the New York Islanders in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Let's hold Mr Bloomberg true to his word. A Stanley Cup means a Canyon Of Hero's parade, new generations of fans all over New York City/Long Island to go with the ones who have filled all three New York area buildings for generations.

The NHL Outdoor game as the host New York team in a  Dynasty only match-up against the Canadians in the Bronx given the Islanders were the team that started the idea of a game.

The NHL All-Star game.

The NHL Draft. 

Run the table.

New York is an NHL market almost completely invisible during it's regular season. The New York Islanders can only help NHL hockey compete with the major media sports.
What To Watch For At The Moment: 
Besides the politicians telling the public how much revenue Nassau County was not generating with the Islander home games or proving they never really cared beyond political football?

Wang opting out of his Dec 2009 Smg sub-lease. He does (or did that already) Nassau approval is the final road block to break existing 2015 lease as the remaining obstacle and leaving earlier.

This was one benefit of the 2009 sublease. 

If Charles Wang wishes to move earlier that's what it takes plus paying the full terms of the both leases thorough 2015. 

The sublease was about three million a year, which some saw as a gift Wang got for all ticket revenue, concessions, events, parking from games/events.

That sublease was never a gift, you could argue Smg saw this as guaranteed money if the Coliseum were renovated with the Lighthouse project, and closed every summer.

In the absence of an NHL agreement, there is no law the New York Islanders could not bring a future ECHL franchise to the Nassau Coliseum. The lease in Bridgeport is binding with Howard Saffan saying many times the Islanders in no way affect the Sound Tigers 2021 lease plus Wang is renovating that building, and managing it.

Wang has a hotel that needs business on the Coliseum site permanently with the connecting abatement.

Perhaps Wang wants to keep a connection to the teams roots moving forward at the Coliseum if he's not blocked by other developers/sports teams.  

Other things to be watched for connect with the Nets, who still have their training facilities in East Rutherford with a two year lease but many articles about team offices/training facilities relocating.

The New York Islanders likely will not be in Plainville or practicing forever at Iceworks on game days, but keep in mind the New York Islanders are a tenant at Barclays.

Lot's to be done beyond lockerooms/seat expansions, which does ask question where was this exhibition game/KHL games lockeroom supposed to be this year? 
2012-13 New York Islanders On Paper: 
Yes, the 2012-13 New York Islanders are at best an eighty percent completed roster for a season that may well never be played. If there is a future CBA settlement the rest of the club will come from Bridgeport or among the many unsigned free agents unless there is a trade.

The future CBA will likely determine if Lubomir Visnovsky even bothers reporting if he no longer owes the New York Islanders a year of service or is done with the NHL. 

It's noteworthy, Alexei Yashin, the one player who went back to the KHL every single year, is not reportedly playing with any team at this time when he meets all KHL qualifications for a roster spot.

Evgeny Nabokov met the qualification, but given his KHL experience to where he left a huge contract it's hardly surprising he's not interested to date. . 

Of course many NHL players are home waiting. 

For those wondering SC Riessersee had a nine day break, they are carrying three goaltenders so do not expect Rick DiPietro to start every game. That team plays 10/31-11/2.