Wang WFAN Summary: " It Was Brooklyn Or Out Of Town "

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2012 06:10:00 PM |

Summary of Charles Wang's 10/24, 5pm interview on WFAN:
Updated 7pm: Complete interview now available. 
Included Espn radio interview 

Most of this out of context, but wanted to post it for everyone. WFAN/Isles website will have link at some future point. 
* It was Brooklyn or out of  town, no other alternative.
* Did not comment on selling if club had left New York entirely. 
* Tried to do everything to get something done with Nassau/credited Mangano, ran out of time.
*  Felt fan base extends from Manhattan to Suffolk regarding lame duck status questions.
* Not contemplating getting out of lease early, not dwelling on it.
* Lease completed today at 7am in Brooklyn, said it was getting close.
* Cited season ticket base percentages (he did same in 2011 on WFAN) per area.
30 percent Nassau/30 Suffolk, rest inside NYC limits, Westchester. 
* Discussed free agent problem, felt Brooklyn would help.
* Locker rooms would have to be built for hockey. Home/Visitor. (discussed Ratner working on that)
* Still has HUB interest Marriott/parcel next door, timing no longer viable for Islander hockey, but discussed Mangano's RFP for developers he will work with, continuing dialogue, destination spot. 
* Did not want to blame anyone for dropping ball, discussed everything tried over years.
* Name/colors/logo absolutely will be kept.
* Goal on ice is to win Stanley Cup.
* Feels going to Brooklyn brings revenue's to help them compete.
* Will honor training lease with Iceworks as transition begins.
* Felt the New York Islanders continue to be New York Islanders and fans of Long Island will continue to care.
* Said an early exit possible but dialogue with Mangano, speculation.
* Does not know if any games in Brooklyn this year, citing having to honor Coliseum lease.
* Was very excited, light at end of tunnel, happy home for franchise.