Big Problems In Bridgeport/New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/06/2012 07:17:00 PM |
Updated Friday PM:
Colin McDonald has been named Sound Tigers captain.

Seven straight losses, one out of fourteen points, all with deHaan out, some without Ty Wishart, now with Travis Hamonic sidelined. (but cleared for workouts)

Aaron Ness, Matt Donovan have been healthy.

Virtually every game stretches of break downs lead to four or five goals allowed.

Niederreiter is an NHL drafted right wing producing as an AHL left wing. Brock Nelson is a center with an NHL depth chart of centers in front of him.

John Persson looks like a player. Mike Halmo needs to produce. Sundstrom has a nice balance of offense and grit.

Ullstrom/Cizikas are again showing durability issues. Kabanov's injury has sidelined him, Jason Clark was sent to the ECHL which is not a bad thing if you want him to play on the top lines somewhere.

Bottom line what was Scott Pellerin's first test, has now become his first crisis as head coach.

The alarming trends costing the team games are a problem. He's repeating the same words often, even the one game they got to a shootout did not stop the bleeding.

Not concerned with Poulin or Nilsson's numbers, they are both more than capapble with back to back AHL goaltenders of month in 2011-12 but what's happening now is mostly beyond goaltending. 

As written recently, Brent Thompson's, club was 29th at the end of calendar year 2011, but that was with a very different team.
The good news is Ryan Strome winning player of the month in the OHL, Anders Lee his teams player of the month.  Mitchell Theoret, Brenden Kichton, Griffin Reinhart with others. 
What do you want me to write that has not been written before?  It's an insult to our fans intelligence when NY Times Ranger salesman/cheerleader Jeff Z Klein travels to interview Cody Rosen, and in a two part feature article does not write once he was invited to the Flyers prospect camp in July 2009, a year before the Isles drafted him with their final pick here.

That means Cody Rosen was not a mystery prospect in NHL circles, does Klein think people are that uninformed? 

I guess a feature on one of the top prospects was too much for the Times coverage cap floor or Klein to be bothered with anything but a selective hit job on Snow/management.

Somehow Mr Klein also did not consider Rick DiPietro among the top prospects in 2000 contrary to the many draft reviews at the time projecting he could have been selected first overall. Gaborik between injuries turned down a 10-year, 80 million dollar contract from Minnesota.

Mr Heatley after all his circumstances was kind enough to sign a huge contract with Ottawa, only to demand a trade to be moved again. After refusing Edmonton, San Jose got him and moved him. His 24 goal season on free-falling Minnesota in 2011-12 hardly seems a player you build a winner around.

If Rick DiPietro were the player before his knee surgery, he would be the better player, certainly the more loyal which I guess counts for something.
Obviously the Dolan's limited Newsday hockey budget does not include any New York Islander updates from Arthur Staple or another reporter in their paper on the team/lockout. Dolan's Ranger salesman at Newsday. Steve Zipay, is covering Dolan's team full time at all NHL/NHLPA meetings.

Updated-An extremely rare Staple slide show paragraph of each prospect on 12/7, see you next month. 

The New York Islander media coverage was far superior in 1972, they have no primary media in 2012 which would make them the only US pro sports team in this situation.

No. The teams record is not the reason. 
Bruce Ratner is a minority share holder in the Nets, a majority share holder in Barclay's center. He has no stake in the New York Islanders at this time.

For now just show us blue prints for the Isles state of the art locker rooms/hall of fame.
For those scoring at home, expect the Isles to remain at Iceworks if their counterparts training facilities are any indicator despite many articles on Nets moving. .

New York: Syosset Ice-works to Nassau Coliseum 12.8 miles.
New York: Syosset Ice-works to Barclay's Center  30.6 miles.
Cablevision: Greenburgh to Cablevision Garden 27.6 miles.
Devils: West Orange to Newark 8.9 miles.
Comcast Flyers, Vorhees New Jersey to whatever it's called in Philadelphia this year 19 miles.
Pittsburgh is planning a 2014 facility to be opened in Cranberry that would be around 20.5 miles to the slots based arena the Pens call home.
The Michigan State Senate: Approved 650m in taxpayer money to give Little Ceasar's Red Wings owner, Mike Illitch, a taxpayer funded new hockey arena with real-estate.

Allentown is giving Comcast Flyer owner Ed Snider 177m for his new AHL home which broke ground today.

NYIFC Comments:
I guess a public referendum was not required, see Quebec, Edmonton, Phoenix. 

Sorry, someone has to point out when things are not equal. If Charles Wang were the only NHL owner asking for taxpayer money that would not have been fair. We all now know Wang was the only owner not to receive taxpayer money/exemptions in New York or New Jersey.