Unless It's 2013-14 Related For New York...Not Interested

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/08/2013 05:16:00 AM |
New York Islander Fan Central is only setting up the 2013-14 season.

Beyond that the lockout here continues, there will be no game coverage here at all, no Islander-centric twitter updates from this point forward. 

I'm sorry. I would respectfully suggest folks who feel otherwise please visit another New York Islander content related website until the forty/whatever games conclude.

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers play Tuesday night at home against Hershey, prospects world-wide have games to play.

These are the games/twitter updates for 2012-13 at NYIFC.

I'm well aware players in Bridgeport who have done their part will be leaving for New York, and have earned the opportunity to be in the NHL.

Unless it has something to do (there are subjects which will overlap ) with 2013-14 there will be no interest in writing about it here even if the Islanders are undefeated, win the Stanley Cup, and go down the Canyon Of Hero's.

If the Islanders add to their Hall Of Fame that is something which will be written about here, not the game which will follow it.

Yes, it's time for Jiggs McDonald, John Tonelli, Butch Goring, and a large majority of the Core Of The Four to be inducted before the club relocates. 

If the Islanders sign, trade, invite a player for only this season, it will not be written about at all here, the same will apply to injuries unless they impact 2013-14.

No trade deadline coverage unless an acquired player is signed for 2013-14. 

GM/coaching/staff interviews/hiring/firing are an overlapping subject to be determined as we go, the plan is to concentrate on 2013-14.

I have no interest in Charles Wang, Garth Snow, Doug Weight, Brent Thompson, or any staff/player interviews about the product related to the forty/whatever games.

Only 2013-14.
What division (or conference playoff format) will be the new model in 2013-14?  (remember that approved  playoff format last year the players wanted with only four available playoff spots)

At usual the professional media cannot even figure out what day players/owners will be ratifying this brutal CBA agreement so expect nothing but the usual poor work full of worthless sourced based contradictions.

The NHL.com version of the final ratified CBA will be posted on the sidebar here when official. 
I'm done writing about media until 2013-14.

My advice is it's your turn to see things for what they are, and speak out when you know things are unfair regardless of a teams record.

This blog has done more than anyone on criticizing poor, lazy, selective, sourced based, biased reporting with an agenda for their own market/whatever.

If you are so upset with the NYI product that you accept anything reported via sources or people who do not even cover the team (ex: Katie Strang) which is factually incorrect that's your choice.

My respectful advice has always been to be educated on such matters or lower your standards to accept anything written. (even treating fan blogs as professional which they are not starting with this one)

Be positive or critical based on what's factually fair. 

If Dolan's laughingstock Knicks can be treated like gold by NYC media salesman (who need Msg ad dollars) with one playoff win in a decade (less than the NYI) it's your choice to contact media, editors, and demand the double-standards stop or rally fellow fans not to accept such reporting bias.

My take is you are entitled to a fair balance, nothing more. 

Or remain silent, and expect things to stay the same/get worse. (is that possible?)
Again, your decision.
Unless there is something to write regarding Lubomir Visnovsky for 2013-14.....not interested.

He's the perfect example of why it's best to ignore this forty plus game cash grab, who's wasted more of our important time since June of last year than any player in New York recorded memory. 

Beyond that please educate yourselves about Rick DiPietro's contract.

Unless Charles Wang in 2006 could not get insurance on his contract for his later years, and RDP is injured entering 2013-14 there is no reason at all for a buyout.......NONE. 

Beyond that If RDP cannot play entering 2013-14 insurance would pay the remainder of his contract, his cap hit removed without a buyout.

I hope he's healthy, and productive so this discussion for 2013-14 ends. 

Thank You Very Much

Bridgeport home Tuesday.