Dolan News12LI/Newsday Make Something Of Absolutely Nothing On DiPietro

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/01/2013 08:35:00 AM |
Is it that personal, vindictive or are the Dolan controlled outlets simply that incompetent?

Only one backtracking here is Dolan's assigned beatwriter, Arthur Staple, for Dolan's owned News12LI, all under the Cablevision/Msg/Newsday umbrella. 

Dolan's Newsday was too cheap to even go to Bridgeport, and interview him, copying Michael Fornabaio's interview after Arthur Staple at first left out praise from Nino Niederreiter/Matt Donovan, of course that meant no Islander coverage that day. 

Direct Quotes Anyone?  

Find me a direct quote from Rick DiPietro where he said he was suffering from depression?

Fine me a direct quote from Rick DiPietro where he said fan hatred?

That's right there is no direct quote. 

Dolan's News12 salesman did a nice job going out on the ice by himself (in the edited version) to discuss DiPietro's contract, and make his ridiculous claim.

On 4/6/12 Rick DiPietro said the following to the NY Times.

Half-joking, he said: “There were times I was driving over the Throgs Neck Bridge and I thought I’d veer right and end it. It’s tough times. This is a tough business. Physically, it’s hard, but mentally, it’s incredible. I always say you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying, because there are those days when you sit in the stands, and your teammates are like a family.”

I remember reading that, and not one media outlet in North Amercia wrote one word about the comment at the time while Dolan's Islander beatwriter was moving on to cover Dolan's hockey playoffs. Among RDP other comments that day he joked:

“I talked to Snowy about maybe putting me in some bubble wrap throughout the summer to make sure nothing happens, I wish the season could start right now.”

As for RDP direct comments on being waived, that is quoted so it's accurate, and an internal matter with the team where they should be not be happy. 

Another Dolan created circus for absolutely nothing. 

Now it's time for everyone to keep quiet, while the hockey player, plays games if management allows.

Of course now if he plays, another distraction.