Nassau Coliseum RFP 101: Who's Deciding This In July?

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/29/2013 05:40:00 PM |

Not the most unreasonable question to ask.

All we know is this will be decided on or around 7/15. No details, no Nassau County release as to who is specifically making this decision, what their background is, political contributions, associations with companies bidding?

The past archives was able to do this with the Referendum in May 2011, and the Lighthouse.

So much for the open process, public comment. Smg is involved with two of the bids that has ties to Al D'Amato. Why not let the public decide RFP winner in November at the ballot box along with Mangano's future via referendum?

That's right, Mangano needs his kick the Islanders out, someone's paying us to build an arena celebration party long before November to survive, and it's not something that should be decided by voters when it may not go the way some in government may want it to. 

Like it or not this is only about six future Islander games every year at some downsized version of the Coliseum.

If Msg wins the bid, the New York Islander brand is finished forever at the Coliseum, and on Long Island with it's history besides practices at Iceworks, regardless of what Charles Wang says because as he said he no longer has a place to play on Long Island.

Perhaps that was Mangano's plan since 2011, and that he knew of others would be willing to finance a downsized Coliseum even then..............Whatever.

If Ratner wins the bid he promises six New York Islander games a year not be played in the teams new home at the Barclay's Center, and it likely cast into serious doubt the future of Charles Wang's Bridgeport Sound Tigers in Ct. 

The real story is who is buying an AHL team or moving it to the Coliseum which was promised in every bid besides Bernard Shereck of Bayville and his company New York Sports & Entertainment along with partner Global Spectrum aka Smg/Ed Snider/Philadelphia Flyers. (Al D'Amato?)

Unlike the Lighthouse we all knew the politicians on both sides, with the referendum we knew about NIFA, and where they stood. It was easy to do entries here detailing who they were, and how they were appointed.

Bruce Ratner was brought in to advise Nassau County, he was given no special  advantage. It remains to be seen if  home team Cablevision/Newsday has any advantage or Smg/Blumenfeld, but I would guess the home team Dolan's win the bid without a fight against their media. (Cablevision, Newsday, News12LI)

Hofstra's Stuart Rabinowicz as usual supports the Blumenfeld bid May 22nd.
Ed Blumenfeld has commented that Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz “is in favor of our proposal.” Has Blumenfeld proposal (also Smg involvement)

A few folks were curious where they could find the bid/supporting video:
This is the booklet for Forest City Ratner's bid with images
Video of Ratner presentation

Dolan: Cablevision/Msg/Newsday presentation:
Msg Hub Vision
Msg video

5/30/13: Msg President, Hank Ratner, on Coliseum interview.
And as for Islanders fans who may see Rangers memorabilia decorating the Coliseum as a salting of the wound, Ratner said the Coliseum would keep its own identity separate from the Garden. But they would have to get used to having their rivals a little closer to home.

“There are a lot of Ranger fans on Long Island,” said Ratner. “That’s still Ranger territory.”

Msg's release on New Penn Station 5/29/13 as usual show they do not work well with others, ignoring their yearly 16m dollars taxpayer exemption & free electricity via taxpayers is why they renovated to retain it.  Nassau County should be considering this conduct with their bid.
 “It’s curious to see that there are so many ideas on how to tear down a privately owned building that is a thriving New York icon, supports thousands of jobs, and is currently completing a $1 billion transformation. These pie-in-the-sky drawings completely ignore the fact that no viable plans or funding to rebuild Penn Station and relocate MSG actually exist. Not that long ago, MSG spent millions of dollars and three years exploring a move to the Farley building as part of the new vision for Moynihan Station. That plan collapsed for a number of reasons that did not involve MSG, but did involve many of the same people now pressuring MSG to move, including the Municipal Art Society, which created enormous obstacles to achieving the relocation. The restoration of Moynihan Station has been a 20-year discussion that has led to very little progress or funding. The fact that this exercise does not include anyone who actually has detailed knowledge of this issue or understands the realities of this complex project exposes this exercise for exactly what it is.”

So Msg feels it's a New York icon, entitled to a taxpayer exemption (since 1982) that is now up to over sixteen million a year Con Ed Electricty money from taxpayers costing one million a year as of 2004 , and an operating permit in perpetuity? 

Too many past links to post here on Msg refusing to move without its tax exemption or Asembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's Msg ties and special treatment Silver receives at Msg.

For the record folks, Donald Monti of Renaissance Downtowns is the Master Developer of the HUB now. This Coliseum RFP needs to be brought to scale as to who owns what. (Image below) The Coliseum RFP is only a minor component, and should never be confused with the Lighthouse.

Don Monti has his own Biotech/Lighthouse plan for the site.