New York Islanders Should Play 41 Home Games At Barclay's Center

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/17/2013 09:38:00 PM |
Garth Snow gave an audio interview on 5/17 on a likely quiet/not a lot of noise 7/5, and said the team is in the process of designing it's lockeroom at Barclay's Center.

He also again used the word he did not like to use in 2009................Rebuilding. 

Jack Capuano also gave an audio interview 5/17.
You announce the team is moving, sign a twenty five year iron-clad lease, that's it.

In a recent entry, I thew in a sarcastic comment that maybe the Islanders should also play ten games in Quebec to go with the six that were offered to the Coliseum in the Ratner bid, because that's what this is. 

The team should play at home, that's no longer the Nassau Coliseum whether that happens in one year or two years.  

There is a fan base to build, and a new home to hype, that's not at a downsized Nassau Coliseum.

No NHL team will ever play a regular season game in the Nassau Coliseum ever again after the New York Islanders leave.

NHL teams have to play in their home arena, unless they are given an outdoor game. This is not the era of neutral site games anymore which was very short-lived.

The Devils have never returned to East Rutherford, the Caps never went back to Landover once they moved inside the city limits. The Sabres never went back to the AUD. 

I do not agree at all with the New York Islanders playing six games at a downsized Nassau Coliseum.

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