New York Notables NBCSN/Smg/Comcast Flyers Proposal For Coliseum

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2013 06:42:00 PM |
Just to be clear the usual deadline for restricted free agents to receive a qualifying offer is June 25th or the first Monday after the NHL draft. The new CBA does not list any change in this policy.

As we all know the 2013 draft is Sunday 6/30 (one day event) so that deadline is likely now 7/1 for Garth Snow to issue a qualifying offer to a growing list of players that now includes David Ullstrom who signed in the KHL.

That also still includes all the former Bridgeport prospects who played last season in Europe, IE: Koskinen, Katic, Rakhshani, DiBenedetto, and now Ullstrom.

Free agency begins 7/5/13. 
My thoughts on NHL awards for a 48 game cash-grab is it means nothing, same as the season itself.

The 48 game playoffs prove what the 82 game playoffs prove, parity is the rule, and any team can beat another in a seven game playoff. 
Unlike 2012, the Islanders will be using the Nassau Coliseum for it's prospect game scrimmage game 7/11/13 at the end of a four day prospect camp.
Expect the NHL schedule a little later, but with the Islanders preseason game at Barclay's Center on 9/21, and one in Barrie 9/29, camp will begin early in an Olympic year.
NY Sports & Entertainment Released their video for Nassau Coliseum with the Smg/Ed Snider/MSNBC/Comcast/Philly Live aka Ed Snider's taxpayer funded Lighthouse at old Spectrum Site.

The part about " As soon as the Islanders leave " is  only exceeded by the part at 50 seconds showing Ed Snider's control of the Coliseum with the Flyers properties.

And we all know who's bid this is with Rangers on their jumbo-tron.