New York On the Clock: 2013 NHL Entry Draft

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/30/2013 06:56:00 AM |
Islanders website have profiled many of the eligible prospects for the past month or so.

New York Islander Fan Central crawl on top of the page has the selections New York has in this draft.

Given television coverage 3pm-8pm (NBCSN) in a one-day draft, do not expect a three hour first round of speeches between selections. If Snow retains his pick, figure around 3:45pm the club goes on the clock.

The risk is about the same now for where teams draft from CHL/Europe means player must be signed within two years vs more successful college prospects, who could decide to turn pro early, which means he can go UFA once he submits a letter. 

It's no longer a league of major trades (call the Tanguay trade as big as it get's now) with so many players have no trade/movement clauses, those available are likely very close to free agency or a huge financial risk, who are not helping their current teams which is why they are available.

For New York the prospect blog does not lie. Aside from, Kirill Petrov, there is not one single forward prospect outside the organization of a recent draft class besides those who have left the organzation for Europe, who's NHL retention rights depend on a qualifying offer. (DiBenedetto, Ullstrom, Katic,Rakhshani, Marcinko)

There's been nothing written about Shane Harper (Streit trade) besides him being a RFA, who was demoted to ECHL by Flyers who would be somewhat comparable to what's happened with Jason Clark.

No goaltender prospect besides Mikko Koskinen signed through 2014-15 in Europe unless he received a qualifying offer.

In short, there are not nearly enough forward prospects, even defensive depth goes quickly.

If Kevin Poulin was qualified, he has a spot, Anders Nilsson is signed, Ken Reiter (ECHL most of last season) was resigned so there is no spot in Bridgeport for another goaltender. Rick DiPietro needs a place to continue to work as a starter.

Spare me the Cody Rosen comments, he was in the Flyers summer prospect camp in 2009 the year before the Islanders selected him, so he was obviously on the NHL radar of a few scouts.

Just not those of some local media people who failed to do their homework.