New York Must Get Out Of 30th In Attendance Or Lose Team Forever

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/03/2013 08:59:00 AM |
Please put down your 7/5 shopping spree list.

I'm going to hammer my message home on being 30th in attendance  until it sticks. This is about franchise survival, nothing more. 

Unlike the countless others selling only themselves, their blogs or messages boards/whatever. I don't want anything from anyone ever but for this franchise to survive, which is in serious doubt.

The final joke will be the entire fan-base when it's too late, good luck writing the satire without looking in the mirror. 

Kind of like the Coliseum, see any poltician writing about how it's a disaster to lose the greatest US Dynasty in American Hockey History?

No. Indifference, apathy or they flat out could care less. 

No more hiding or denial. If that offends anyone on twitter or here I cannot help you. I pulled no punches two summers ago either on this subject.

The fans 30th in attendance to see MVP candidate John Tavares with their 7/5 shopping spree list need a serious reality check because if this teams stays at the bottom in attendance there is no longer going to be a New York Islander franchise anywhere. 

Many of our fans on twitter when reading this sound more like Kate Murray, Ed Mangano, Jay Jacobs, Joe Mondello, Tom Gulotta,  or the litany of endless politicians who never seemed to care one bit if this team stays or goes because the fans never made it clear the team stays and receives the financial support everyone (even the Coyotes at 15m a year) receive or the politicians get voted out of office.

Phoenix on 7/3 well into the night got more political support to retain it's team (in a 4-3 vote) than the New York Islanders have received since 1989,  with the mayor voting no saying " This deal giving Coyotes latest owner candidate/Smg (Flyers, who else?) fifteen million every year  like being hit by a truck" as he voted no.

Two franchises had eight months to fill Barclay's Center for Sept 2012 preseason game, Mangano mocked the 7,000 tickets sold number a year ago. That's what 2015-16 will look like if even that.

The Coliseum needs to be filled not just on opening night but from the first weeknight game in October, to the last game the way it was before 1989.  Yormark/Barclay's need 10,000 plus full season tickets at top dollar if you love our name/colors as much as myself.

You want a better radio station, better players or for this franchise to continue, ownership needs the money to pay for it. 

If anyone believes this franchise is going to operate in 30th at attendance in perpetuity at around 10,000 or less after the announced attendance that's not reality.

The players know it too, it's not the biggest thing come free agent, but it's on the list.  

Some folks have a future in Nassau/TOH politics responding to me. 
Times are tough.
It's not as bad as you believe.
The economy is rough.
New York is not going to support three teams. (They used to support this one very well thank you.)
Stop the sky is falling stuff.
Be more positive.
We have not won a playoff series in 20 years. (I must have missed the parades for that.)
I will not support Wang who will not spend (Hint-He's did that  in 2002 and support was not there anyway for 2002/03/04--last again by 2005-06)
We sold out the playoffs (Three whole games. Like what NHL franchise would not do that?...oops 1992-93 Islanders into the second round)
I will only support a winner. (see 12,500 to see Ryan Smyth's debut on sixth team in conference)
Fan Central is suppose to support fans. (Hint-That's why I'm doing this)
The team is living off 2002. (Cannot remember last time Islanders website mentioned it)
I must work for the team or want something? (No, and if they contacted me I would tell them take a hike)

What I want is for the fans to show up and keep this team here forever so I no longer have to write at all)
How come you never give us good news? (Check the archives since 2007/prior) I've done that for years but hiding from problem is over because time is up.  

Bottom Line: 
29 other fan-bases including one the relocated in Atlanta outdrew this one, times are tough everywhere.

14 non-playoff teams for the 48 game season outdrew this one.
Almost all of them got huge taxpayer funded facilities or tax exemptions. Phoenix again gave away 15m a year as of  Tuesday's nights vote, down from 19m for the last owner who walked away. 

How many teams in this league would sell out five year ticket plans to see John Tavares fast than you can say Winnipeg? Many.

Seems more opposing fans want to see their team here more than local fans, which is down to a lot of kids/families that will start spend their money at Msg Coliseum when that's likely announced in a week or so. 

I hope everyone reading this with their shopping list for 7/5 (Snow already said expect no big moves) is willing to pay for that spending or they are not being realistic. Wang has to get to a cap floor, he was outspending teams in modern facilities getting taxpayer money long before the league had any cap, starting with the Smg Penguins with the same lease dumping everyone they could while Wang paid to add Niinimaa to his defense.

Since then there's this thing called revenue sharing which Charles Wang was not eligible for.

One more time:
I take nothing positive about writing this, however it needs to be.........again.

Some may notice I'm being very proactive/critical of our fans for not supporting this franchise on my twitter be it. I was a few years ago in two entries.

I'm no longer pulling punches on this subject. I'm not writing here to gain followers or want anything, never have or will.

I simply desperately hoping this franchise survives....That's the bottom about you? 

Having an NHL franchise is not an entitlement, but a privilege, one this fan base has taken for granted.
This teams fan-base is great at finishing last in attendance since 1989. This is a business, the excuses end now...... fill the Coliseum/Barclay's Center or very soon there will be no more team anywhere.

Twenty nine other members of the BOG want to see revenue/attendance from this franchise now, and when it moves like the Devils fans have done in Newark. Dolan would desperately love to stop writing those television contract checks that are growing faster than his taxpayer exemption checks.

You really like John Tavares, and these players? Show up/pay up and support them like every other franchise would (win or lose) in North America or it's over.

The ticket revenue determines the budget, and how high Snow can offer. Wang's closed his church, I don't blame him one bit considering how many owners are getting much more fan/local government support with corporations. I do believe it cost the franchise Mark Streit, who the public will likely discover will be badly missed starting with Tavares.

Fill the Coliseum, and the Barclay's Center at the same ticket prices Flyer or Leafs fans pay regularly or stop demanding management spend or Yormark keep the colors/brand, it's a business, and his job is to generate revenue.

No one wants the colors/name to remain more than myself, you think if tickets were being sold Yormark would consider a name/color change with this teams history? Never.

That's the cold hard reality. Cities all over North America will be thrilled to pay top dollar for season tickets to see any NHL losing team, and put in a five year commitment for tickets at corporate level prices.

They got the mesage in Minnesota, they got it in Winnipeg.

Our fans refuse support, and lead the pack in excuses.  Time's up.

How many years can the Florida Panthers (operated by Brett Yormark's brother Michael) outdraw this one? Atlanta when moving outdrew this fan base.

If this fan-base filled the building it would have been political suicide for Mangano, Suozzi or Gulotta  to even consider refusing financial support every other NY/NJ team got or put out a referendum to get rid of the team once and for all under the will of the people card.

I support Charles Wang all the way regardless what he decides. He spent first, renovated a building he rents, and unlike every other team who receives taxpayer money has received nothing aggravation for his trouble.

Bloomberg, Booker gave the teams their money as a public trust quickly/quietly behind closed doors, and those teams feel they are entitled to it. Wang/Rechler spent millions for absolutely nothing, running for years to get the Lighthouse done.

Howard Milstein said fill the building first, Wang spent first.

I remember how incredible it was before the cups with this fan base from 1976-1979, the fans packed the building, and got behind those teams full time from October with no televised home games.  

It has to go back to that right now.

Go purchase full season tickets, and give whoever operates this business a reason to keep John Tavares, and just as important reason for him to want to be here for the rest of his career.   

It's not about Charles Wang, it's about the New York Islanders survival.  

Our fans better get as desperate as the tone of what I writing.