New York Notables/Prospect Game ITV

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/11/2013 01:13:00 PM |
7/11 Prospect game will be on Islanders television at 7pm for those not in attendance. Taylor Cammarata, who has not been in camp so far, will be there for 7/11.

Islanders website posted the lineups for the game.

Calvin deHaan in another prospect camp is impressive, he was selected in John Tavares draft class, and was not obligated to attend.

Not much on Cal Clutterbuck's signing, he had the Islanders right where he wanted them, and got a contract near market level. The concern here is did Minnesota move him at a point where they feel that kind of game has taken it's toll?

As for Josh Bailey filing for arbitration he will have a contract one way or another. If it's high enough the Islanders can walk away from the award, but these things usually get settled beforehand, and perhaps long-term for Bailey.

I asked Brett Yormark on twitter about the Islanders season ticket base on 7/4, he responded publicly, writing the 2,200 number increase. I also asked about the number of season tickets lost which he did not respond to at that time.

Brother Michael Yormark runs the Florida Panthers, who are hardly a model of success or strong attendance, he responded on twitter last year to my question that there would be no conflict of league if a group involving Brett Yormark purchased the Islanders.

In short that meant Charles Dolan can purchase Msg. Larry Dolan can own the Cleveland Indians, but the Dolan family cannot own a second team in the same sport.  

William Davidson if some recall owned the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Detroit Pistons, both winning championships. 

Call it speculation but that ad for $99.00 tickets at center ice seems different than what's been advertised in the past, and the beginning of the Yormark era. released in 2013-14 division alignment. Bridgeport has lost Jon Landry, Matt Watkins among some of their UFA.

With Ratner vs Dolan for the Coliseum, and both promising AHL hockey, Ct will most likely lose an AHL team, unless Ratner brings in his own hockey team separate of Charles Wang's Sound Tigers, which would block any future move of Dolan's AHL team to Webster Bank Arena, managed by Wang.

It's easier to see through the domain naming-right's registration games that were played earlier this year now out of the Sound Tigers offices at Webster Bank arena to block a Ct Rangers domain name.

My take is unless Wang has power as Marriott/abatement to reject Dolan's Coliseum winning bid, Nassau at some future point will award the bid to Msg. Mangano wants this decided as part of his re-election progress  so it will not drag beyond Aug-Sept. Dolan's strong past support for Tom Suozzi likely does not matter if it comes down to media politics.

The rejection of Blumenfeld bid concludes Smg's era running the Coliseum since the mid-1980's which means Flyer owner Ed Snider is finally out. The Islanders Montauk advertising firm carrying a Blumenfeld name was awarded for a New York Islanders: " We're all Islanders " marketing slogan here.

Lynn Blumenfeld & Fleming was hired by the Islanders in 2006. 

Dolan's paper questioned Master Developer's Don Monti's role, it is his overall site to develop, the Coliseum is one parcel of that land.

All logo's have been updated to reflect the draft class of 2013.