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When the National Hockey League (not Tsn/Espn personalities) make a trade call that the New York Islanders have options with regard to the first round pick in the Vanek trade there is something to write about here. 

This is one trade call, dozens are made at the deadline so it should not be a very tough job to release all details if that's the case. When the Devils were penalized by the NHL for the Kovalchuk contract,  it was made very clear by the league the team would have a choice of when they forfeit their first rounder.  

New Jersey Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello told reporters Monday that the organization has decided to retain its first-round pick for the 2013 NHL Draft, which the Devils are hosting, on June 30.

The Devils forfeited a 2011 third-round pick, and also were told they needed to forfeit a first-rounder at some point over the next four years following the penalty.

The league, and the teams have made no such announcement with regard to the Islanders 1st round selection. Both general managers have made no such comment despite hosting press conferences.

Nothing I have not written endless times about how poor a job the New York Islanders professional media does. 
There is also nothing new I can write about the New York Islanders defensive problems & five on five scoring issues that has not been posted here for days/weeks. Al Arbour could not fix this defense as presently constructed, expect a lot more of Jack Capuano getting upset or being unfairly held accountable with his job.

 “I’ve got to be careful what I say here,” Capuano began. “Our ‘D’ has to play better, that’s the bottom line. . . . We’ll think about recalling a guy and putting him in the lineup. I don’t know. The same mistakes can’t happen, we’ve only got six of them back there.”

This defense allows three goals a game or more, with not a single five on five goal produced to date.
The NHL credited Travis Hamonic with a goal on Wednesday so that's one. 

This cannot be fixed internally with the current group.

If the struggling offensive teams can exploit this defense, it's only going to get a lot worse as Nabokov, Hamonic, and MacDonald wear down as skilled teams dominate. 

Anyone missing Mark Streit's skating, passing, scoring and ability to move the puck yet?

Sometimes a single player is that valuable to one team. 
No more hiding for Bridgeport, they have to start playing hockey on a regular basis beginning on Wednesday 10/30. Twelve games against Hartford out of seventy six?

That keeps up it may not matter who the 2017 Nassau Coliseum AHL home team is. 
Rick DiPietro is expected to play a game this week.

His veteran counterpart is AHL player of the week with back to back shutouts. DiPietro could play 10/30 or 10/31.
Idiotic comment of the week: Ed Mangano at his recent debate:
“I asked the people do you want to invest $400 million and keep the Islanders in their entirety, but you have to listen to the people, they said no,” Mangano said.

NYIFC Comments: 
By Mangano's absurd standard, that means the Bronx, Queens, Newark, and ninety five percent of sports franchises in the US/Canada would have had to relocate.

I asked the poorest congressional district in the United States (South Bronx) if they wanted to invest 1.5 billion dollars to give George Steinbrenner, a new stadium, and they said no. 

I asked the taxpayers if they want to close fire houses/school/hospitals,  because Bernie Madoff's friend, Fred Wilpon, (with Mario Cuomo celebrating with him outside court during Madoff settlement) needs a billion dollar stadium too.

Ed Mangano refused to do with Bloomberg, Booker, Koch, and most local governments did, and that was lock the doors, and make an agreement with taxpayer money like everyone else. Even bankrupt Detroit for the Wings handed Mike Illitch almost three hundred million for his Lighthouse/Arena.

Those politicians would not dare risk future elections by being misguided enough to ever ask.

Sure when a teams fan support is this poor, a politician can play this game, many will actually believe it too.