Realistic Playoff Contention For New York ? Almost Impossible

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/09/2014 06:08:00 PM |
11-1-2 is what got New York from two games under five hundred to seven over & the final playoff seed a year ago.

Eleven out of twelve games that defense gave up two goals or less 3/24/13-4/16/13. 
In the last eleven games the 2013-14 New York Islanders have given up three or more goals eight times.

That kind of defense does not get it done, as much as Calvin deHaan has impressed.

The forty eight game/whatever was one thing, this is something much different/more difficult. 

This time the club is six games under (without it's starting goaltender again) even with it's recent run of overdue wins a byproduct of some poor opposition goaltending. (Boston, Minnesota, Toronto, Rangers)

This time there are two more teams (Detroit/Columbus) to compete against them who both would have won the eighth seed outright a year ago in this conference.

The math never lies. It's going to likely take 95 points (at least twelve-fourteen games over) to win the eighth seed because simply by head to head games the teams ahead of them play, the Islanders have no room for anything but winning.

 Nothing short of that (and much more) brings them even into the conversation beyond a footnote.

If it makes you feel better to go by the past with a 15/15 conference and claim, weak conference so 92 points, that likely still is not enough with sixteen teams for eight spots. 

Nice to finally see some defensive chemistry, and a team showing mild signs of being able to close out a game or two, it's not even close yet to the run of one goal allowed games during 11-1-2.

Or even the beginning of what it's going to take. 

One regulation win at home since November? This team has to almost win out at home now. 

I do think Poulin/Nilsson can give them a high enough level of goaltending. 

We have seen the past second half runs (Capuano's interim season) as a sign of a defense built to last that never carried over, even though the group is young, the past has to be acknowledged.

Here's the reality:
From this point on the club must play at least eighteen games over five hundred likely even better.

And for those who find the number eighteen formidable the Islanders are 1-18
(Colorado overtime win) in games where they scored two or less goals.

I hope I'm wrong but see that reality as almost impossible.

On 11/15/13: The numbers were the same with the club only three games under five hundred.