Tavares Speaks To Media Out Eight Weeks....For Now

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/25/2014 01:03:00 PM | |Comments
Islanders website: John Tavares spoke to the media on 2/25 for ten minutes. 
(Tavares said he's had a similar injury before)

NHL.com reports he is out for eight weeks.

NYIFC Comments:
We'll see. Set backs, rehab are completely unpredictable. If he returns in September ready to play at his best the organization will be very fortunate.

Not much on callups beyond Mike Halmo was a very good choice, and earned this opportunity.

Tavares Injury Changes Nothing Unless It's Effects 2014-15

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The New York Islanders win or lose as a team.

For this team to have success, it takes the entire roster to contribute.

The long preseason that will run fifty games will continue without John Tavares, the players here will have to provide a short term alternative.

Last time a player needed a surgery, and was pronounced likely ready for camp his name was Rick DiPietro.

Trent Hunter never fully recovered from his 2003-04 injury. 

We'll know if John Tavares can play (at full strength) by next fall, not before.

To speculate beyond that is worthless.

As for Garth Snow the general manager, I respect his frustration, however as the representative of the owners they did not want NHL players participating in the Olympics but gave this to the players as part of the CBA agreement so Snow has to live with the Board of Governors decision. As a general manager he also is in the hypocritical position of defending his players when they are not chosen to represent their country (Okposo) so it works both ways.

John Tavares had the right to play in the Olympics, this could have happened at the World Championships or many places he trains/practices outside the New York Islanders.

It's an awful break for a franchise that has had horrible luck, but if the core of this team is a winning one moving forward they will have to learn how to win without Tavares (and Frans Nielsen) for now as more players will likely be departing come the trade deadline.

New York Should Be In Sell Mode

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/07/2014 06:58:00 AM | |Comments
Nothing I can write here about the likely trades of Thomas Vanek/Andrew MacDonald that was not written since the day Vanek was acquired or it was obvious MacDonald was going to be moved because of his market value which is that of a five million dollar plus player.

The Islander offers to Vanek/MacDonald were likely not front-loaded (which is mandatory for any top UFA) and as we all know virtually all (not Jason Pominville) UFA traded in a walk year do want to test the market.

This may be naive but I actually believe Vanek when he says he may want to sign here in July if traded.

Did I expect some extra kicks from Msg's Newspaper? Absolutely, because the Rangers wanted Vanek, and were heavily rumored for him in October, when the Islanders got him there was over the top criticism.

It's not the Islanders, it's Madison Square Garden's Newspaper who praise the eleven games under five hundred Knicks, who have been to the playoff less than the Islanders since Charles Wang bought the team. 

Vanek's been a better player than Moulson, he's a first line talent, however not a franchise star who can carry a team. Absolutely a very good player.  Despite the struggles on defense, Vanek helped this teams five on five play which Moulson did not do at the end of 2013, or in the first month of 2013-14.

In terms of return, no player (even a young prospect) on an NHL playoff roster is going to be thrilled with going to a non-playoff team unless they are not getting a chance where they are.  Snow will likely get back his first rounder but it will not a higher pick.

Bouchard was frankly a bust from day one of training camp when he obviously was no fit with Tavares. Regin was a low-risk gamble who frankly was never a scorer.

It was a bad summer of gambles for Garth Snow in a weak market.

Yes, it would not shock me if Grabner/Bailey/Visnovsky are on the menu for possible trades.  If a player comparable to Niederreiter is out there you move Clutterbuck immediately.

Unless Nabokov is in the plans moving forward it's time to see Kevin Poulin become the full time starter.

I would like to see the Islanders sign Nabokov for 2014-15. 

It's been audition time for 2014-15 over several months. Nelson's earlier cameo with Tavares-Okposo, and excellent January scream he should replace Vanek.

At some point Ryan Strome and/or Anders Lee will be recalled. Lee is no kid, he's had a solid season in Bridgeport.

I expect Aaron Ness to be eventually recalled because he looked ok in his early call-up, and a good potential replacement for MacDonald offensively. Griffin Reinhart, Ryan Pullock likely are going to get a long look with Scott Mayfield.

I also expect a healthy Pedan to get a look.

Nothing else to write, the season was realistically over since mid-November.

If Snow is fired by Charles Wang it will be for public relations purposes. (Yashin/DiPietro) It will not be the right move. Doug Weight or even Ken Morrow could be the alternative.

This team works hard every single game for Jack Capuano, the players obviously respect him, and like being part of this organization. Again if a move is made there it's strictly for pr purposes, and a poor one.

Ok, we'll see.