Silence From Islander Management On Season Deafening

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/20/2014 09:07:00 AM |
Owners usually never speak so it's not completely uncommon for Charles Wang to be silent, he's likely had enough abuse for the hundreds of millions he has spent with no thanks from anyone.

I did however expect Garth Snow/Jack Capuano to do interviews about the season. 

To date they have have not done one interview on the teams website so it likely speaks to a possible change with an incoming ownership. Capuano has spoken daily all season, he left Buffalo without a word since as exit interviews were done.

Yes, I was well aware both spoke (and Weight) at a team event in Westbury, and Snow has other interviews scheduled for May. But this team has a website, our fans deserve answers from the hockey management on that website. 

More interviews will be done on 4/21 in Bridgeport.

I wrote in the last entry, all bets are off on current management if a new owner comes in or the club even relocating to the Barclay's Center if the lease can be broken. That includes the teams name/logo under new ownership.

To date still no Barclay's preseason game announcement for 2014.

Charles Wang kept the staff when he came in, he paid for his loyalty to Mike Milbury despite the playoff appearances. If there is a sale, don't count on that happening again.

As for Howard Dolgon, either you're friend purchases the team or give it a rest, fans with long memories remember the full year of Bob Gutkowski/Charles Koppelman rumors that were folly.

My preference is Charles Wang stays, the ownership was never the problem here, Nassau County/TOH was/is.

As I wrote years earlier with Wang approaching seventy, he likely wants to move on, and has had enough abuse for fifteen years of spending far more than the Nassau Coliseum's revenue streams ever allowed.

Stop with the real estate because it's well documented owning the New York Islanders was not about real estate for Mr Wang. He agreed to a deal without it for the referendum, and no yearly check from Nassau like some NHL teams receive. Developer Scott Rechler was also not part of the 2011 referendum.