Will The New York Islanders Be Sold Soon? Updated Graham Signed

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/31/2014 01:32:00 PM | |
The only thing this website can do is make clear there are trends in how this organization does it's business.

Halak signed a backloaded contract, same as Tavares, Okposo. Grabner, Bailey.

To me this says business as usual in an arena with Murray/Mangano revenue streams.

If a sale was close, a new owner would likely have some input about what he's eventually going to pay a player.

Does it mean anything, who knows? 

If a sale happens after everyone reports it, the league still has to approve/financial viability. (have our fans learned that lesson yet?)

If you are expecting a new owner to come in, and do anything differently unless they are very naive, (as Charles Wang discovered) they will find out spending as he did in 2002 did not bring our fans back because they refused to pay ticket prices increases for those players.

Wang spent a hundred and thirty million dollars on players, after the Toronto series the ticket prices were raised thirty eight percent, the fans flat out refused to pay those prices near the league average.

Wang kept spending while Mario with the same Smg lease was selling his players wholesale. 

There may have been more people in Eisenhower Park to welcome home the 2002-03 team than there were for October games that year. As we have seen many times, ownership had to come up with some discounted ticket prices in season.

What do I know? I'm find it almost impossible anyone would buy this franchise under any circumstances, and let it remain in the New York area at all. 

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Outcome never in doubt. (scoreboard after Nystrom's goal)