New York Acquires Rights To UFA D Dan Boyle

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/05/2014 06:38:00 PM |

NYIFC Comments:  
Very interesting, however a long-shot if he signs.

Snow moved a 2015 draft pick for negotiating rights. He could always move Boyle again to get the pick back before 7/1. By the conditions of the trade Snow has all summer, however expect Boyle to have plenty of offers from NHL teams.

This carries a huge risk in what will be an over 35 contract. If this 37 year old signs, and get's hurt, like Visnovsky, the Islanders are stuck with the contract.

Absolutely Boyle's offense would help a lot, but there is potential downside with this. 

What's noticable above all  is this defense which already has many NHL contracts, with others waiting for their chance means if Boyle signs here someone absolutely losses a spot.

This attempt at Boyle could mean potential bad news from Visnovsky, who's concussions remind us why these signings are a risk.

No folks, Boyle's not signing at a discount. 

Once again:
deHaan RFA
Donovan RFA
Visnovsky-Over 35 contract.
Czuzman-Requires waivers to be sent to AHL.
Martinek UFA

So that's eight defenders, and Griffin Reinhart/others waiting for an NHL job?

Let's just write the 2015 draft is not going to be packed with draft picks for the New York Islanders as of the present time.