New York Notables

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Star Phoenix: Lukas Sutter discusses being drafted a second time in two years by the Islanders. Had Tsn personalities, Craig Button, Jamie McLennan and Dave Reid discuss and analyze the New York Islanders young players in their farm system on video during the second day of the NHL draft.

Devon Toews & Kyle Schempp both spoke on the clubs website or their twitter accounts.

Ilya Sorokin is signed for the next three seasons in the KHL, there is a quote he in, that he was never contacted by the Islanders, was surprised he was selected in the third round, and remembers Nabokov, Yashin, but little else.

Linus Soderstrom is signed for the next two seasons in the SEL.
Qualifying offers next up.

Ehrhoff becomes the latest to prove with UFA they want their money up front, before teams buy them out, and they already have most of their money beforehand.