Charles Wang Best Owner In New York/New Jersey Sports

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/19/2014 09:22:00 PM |
To say nothing of the countless taxpayer supported owners in modern facilities, like Craig Leipold of Nashville who cried poverty in a modern building in Nashville (now Minnesota) who still has his hands out for more taxpayer money.

Here's the truth, you don't have to like or read it, but someone needs to keep writing it.
This after years of not paying rent starting in the early 1980's, or threatening to move many times with baseball mayor Giuliani waving his Yankee hat. Wilpon only demaded the generational business there before Shea Stadium relocate on the taxpayer dime. And of course the baseball mayor was the first to call out the Tennis mayor for getting a new taxpayer stadium built in Flushing Meadows before he left office.

After getting a 1982 taxpayer gift that was supposed to be for only ten years, and low cost electricity. No Cablevision/Chase/ticket increase renovation no more 54 million dollar exemption checks from taxpayers every year.

Three teams that thanked the taxpayers by not even recognizing the state they play in anywhere in name or logo. 

You thought Mr Ratner paid for that building out of pocket with that smile? 

That would be after getting a taxpayer funded baseball stadium, milking Tiger Stadium for maintenance fees in a building that was not maintained, forcing it's demolition, and not paying rent for years or cable fees back to 1980 by an Amway sponsored team.

Yes, I know. Kevan Abrahams, Judy Jacobs, the injured list for Milbury/Snow are the only things longer since 2000 than that list of pathetic politicians.

Only thing more comical was listening to Steinbrenner bully, Randy Levine, berate Assemblyman, Richard Brodsky, with Yankee cheerleader Francesa blaming Brodsky for calling out a team for needing more taxpayer money for a steakhouse. Yes, Francesa is a friend of Wang and supported him getting taxpayer money while saying no team should get public support while every team did.

Would be fun to see him asked that question about the New York Islanders? Good week to visit Buffalo and get the Bills a new stadium or Terry Pegula some taxpayer money for his hockey real estate instead.

NY Times reported Dolan gave Cuomo another re-election check this week, Randi Marshall of Newsday who never met an campaign contribution article on Wang she did not report, stood muted about her employer as always. 

That would be prior to this ownership sharing AHL affiliates with everyone until Milbury pulled them in season. 

So much for that spending only for real estate theory. What a terrible person spending to a cap floor of fifty million (after being well above thirty/forty before any floor) in the only NHL building designed for a ten million dollar payroll. Mario sold off half his team with that Smg lease and the same treatment before the taxpayers, or slots licenses were approved. To say nothing about NYI qualifying for any revenue sharing until last summer for the first time ever.

Mr Wang, you could have said the man's name a lot more, it was his project too, and I remember the article about both of you partners in everything around 2005. He was/is the billion dollar developer.

Meanwhile the roof leaked, the sewage pipes bursts ruining them improved weight rooms Wang paid for.

Did you think Met fan Mario Cuomo celebrating outside of court at Madoff settlement with Fred Wilpon was getting only 600 million when Steinbrenner got 1.5 billion/more for soccer soon? Nope.

Wang hung a new scoreboard from Howard Milstein's hoists, the Coliseum had matrix boards before any local arena in 2001. 

And a NYC hyped superbowl. 

 Which is all they will do because our fans do not care, and Wang/does not speak up. And there are some reporters here and in Canada who never got over those four cups, they enjoy the extra kicks many teams who have never won a thing in this league with their own circus moves never receive.