On Paper In July NYI Never Weaker During Tavares Era-The Short Verson

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/31/2014 10:14:00 PM |
No interest in wasting folks time, when the puck drop's we'll know.

And they could be very good ultimately. Not today.

A few folks must have Pierre Marc-Bouchard flu act up this time every year, calling a team summer winners (or even the biggest winners) for adding bought out Grabovski, Kulemin, T.J Brennan to go with Halak/Johnson?

Sure they have some good young prospects, but that takes years unless you Milbury them away for more quick fixes heading for UFA.

What I can write is in July on paper during the Tavares era they have never been weaker on defense in terms of a top pairing defender without Streit, MacDonald which is now Calvin deHaan attempting his first full year or at left wing with nothing replacing Moulson/Vanek.

On the right wing nothing replaces Parenteau, Boyes, Bouchard because the 2009 first line right wing (Okposo) has his spot back.

Halak replaces all this on-paper downside? I did not see goaltending as THE problem at five on five, or getting all those third period leads, and during the 17-5-2 road finish, or the same 55 points in final 48 games that meant a playoff spot in 2013.

I hardly saw goaltending as the problem at all, but many only watched six playoff games in two years, and ignored a prospect who won eleven games beating Boston/Rangers twice can't be the answer even with Kevin Poulin in goal during the teams longest road winning streak in twenty years. 

Snow agreed with those who watched the six playoff games, and changed both goaltenders. Halak is far better on paper for July (and from October-April) so we'll see.

The short version.