Bettman's Past Comments Reflect Barroway Lawsuit: "Has No Merit"

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/12/2014 11:01:00 AM | | |
Has no merit is the Islanders response to this lawsuit.

Folks know here I try and find direct quotes not to waste your time. I will play no favorites here and go where the quoted information takes me.

Gary Bettman owes Charles Wang nothing, and will not protect him to this degree where he opens himself/league up to a lawsuit from Mr Barroway which the fellow BOG members will not be happy about.

Why did Barroway not sue the NHL/Bettman with Wang? 

If Barroway alleges that an agreement to sell the team was made in on 3/10/14 why is Gary Bettman directly quoted as saying the exact opposite not only on 4/24/14 but on 6/4/14?

Bettman did not give some vague statement because the league was not ready to announce a done deal, he flat out said it's Wang's decision and is under no league pressure to make a decision or sell the team.

Bottom line Gary Bettman is directly quoted saying there is no sale/no pressure for Wang to sell long after this supposed done deal was made, that does not sound like a man who received faxed documents about an an agreed sale on 3/10/2014 with specific details of the closing provided. 

Done deal 3/10/14? No. 

I'll see if I can find more quoted updates.

And of course there was Howard Dolgon's mystery buyer a month after this supposed closed sale on 3/10/14? Did Mr Barroway  not read the papers like the rest of us and immediately pick up the telephone and demand what's going on here, we have an agreement from 3/10/14 which was not in any of these lawsuit papers?

Howard Dolgon was speaking almost daily. The updates with his quoted comments were posted here.

Why did Mr Barroway not file his lawsuit on 4/19/14 or shortly upon after learning of this?